YMMV / Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende

  • Crosses the Line Twice : Occasionally - not as often as one might think, and it tends to be funny enough when it happens. Hamada has used these sort of motivations to drive his more extreme Jerkass or Comedic Sociopathy moments however, and some scenes in the batsu games count to the extent that even the cast sound somewhat appalled. It's even humourously pointed out in the song and the cast at the end of the 2009 Hotel Man batsu game that Oshima of Morisanchuu making an appearance pretty much in the nude might've reached this sort of level... though some may argue that the line-crossing came even earlier in that batsu game.
    • Some would argue that the continue cameos of Chiaki for the Batsu games count as this for Endo.
      • And in the Airport Batsu, they brought Endo's real family, with her mother telling Endo, in front of everyone else, about the time she found a porn magazine, and to get married again to his new girlfriend as its been 4 years since his relationship with Chiaki ended.
    • Or some of the things the guests do to make the hosts laugh, like dumping three buckets of hot wax over their bodies, which most likely resulted in 1st degree burns.
    • One time when during the Black List Meetings, when one of the comedians told an extremely outlandish story about Mimata Matazo sexually abusing a female comedian after getting her drunk... everyone laughed, but you could tell Matazo was incredibly flustered as well.
      • During the Prison Escape Black List Meeting, Tanaka got roasted badly, by a bunch of gossip dealing with his sex life, which his own wife provided!
    • Egashira 2:50's Powder Fart Ass Cannon crosses it for some fans.
    • Tanaka's son ordering a Thai Kick for his dad. Lampshaded by the show itself
    (as Tanaka weeps) "His beloved son orders a Thai Kick"
    • Ebisu's "contributions" in the Earth Defense Force and Prison Escape batsu.
    • Yamazaki in a prank that involved him getting fake-raped.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse : Jimmy Onishi, and possibly Itsuji Itao.
    • Shin-Onii gets a lot of love from the fans, though the actor playing him actually appeared before the character did.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight : In the 2007 No-Laughing Hospital batsu game, Tanaka wonders whether the cast would be able to redo the 2000 batsu game where they (with the exception of Matsumoto) spent 24 hours dodging attackers in a gym; he is immediately shot down by the others, with aging and so on being cited. The gym batsu game format makes a return for a portion of the 2010 Spy, 2013 Earth Defense Force, and 2014 Prison No-Laughing batsu games, again without Matsumoto participating in them for various reasons.
  • Magnificent Bastard : Or rather, bastards. A more recently aired segment, hosted by Yamasaki, has Downtown, Coq Au Rico and two other comedy duos competing against each other to win a prize of some sort. Downtown generally fall behind before resorting to dirty (also hilarious) tactics and using their influence to steal the game.
    • If this troper remembers correctly, the games have pie launching as punishment. In the last punishment, Hamada inadvertently gets some of the pie on him and went fuming. Naturally, Matsumoto followed suit. In a true Laser-Guided Karma style, the hand that threw the pie so that the fragments landed on Hamada was... Matsumoto's
  • Most Annoying Sound: To the cast, the forfeit sound that plays in a few batsu games, most notably the No-Laughing specials.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: To the audience, the forfeit sound that plays in a few batsu games, most notably the No-Laughing specials.
  • Narm: Some of the acts presented in the batsu, while really funny to the hosts, are really not all that funny to foreign audiences. When this is the case, it is most likely it fell flat because its just plainly not funny due to cultural differences...
  • Nightmare Fuel : Some of the Squicks can fall in this area.
    • While the horror-themed segments of the Hospital, Newspaper Agency and Hotel batsu games, Matsumoto's haunted hotel batsu game (especially the creepy spirit photos that the 'ghost expert' gives to Matsumoto) and Yamasaki's haunted school concert batsu game are obviously all played for laughs, some moments in particular could be used as this.
    • Oshima in the 2009 Hotel Batsu is Nightmare Fuel.
    • I'm willing to admit that while Heipo's reactions throughout much of the Henge episode where the rest of the cast and crew attempt, successfully, to scare him were hilariously overblown, the final scene, where he's trapped in a darkened room with two dummies hung from nooses dropped down from the ceiling, one of which decapitated, was genuinely quite creepy. Sure, it was still extremely fake looking, but I'd hazard to guess that many people, not just those with Heipo's drama queen demeanour, would freak out as well.
    • In one of the No Laugh Library Episodes, Tanaka gets a punishment known as "Old Man Bites Tenderly" where he gets a slobbery gumming and sucking on his left ear from a elderly senior that uses dentures. The sheer reaction of terror to this 'physically harmless' ordeal is enough to convince you that this punishment literally flirts with the line of sexual assault.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks : When transferring the batsu games over to DVD, the producers don't often maintain the rights to some of the music used and are forced to use a cover track instead. This is seems to significantly irk a part of the fanbase (the English-speaking fanbase at least), though it's not always very noticeable. The most obvious cases are in the Yugawara batsu game due to the extensive Star Wars Shout-Out / Running Gag and the use of the theme to the The Godfather in the original broadcast.
  • Too Soon: No such thing on this show! They were making jokes about Endo and Chiaki's divorce mere weeks after the fact (and they still are); Matsumoto essentially painted a target on himself as soon as he (finally!) got married and had a kid (his daughter's toys have begun popping up in awkward places during the batsu games).
  • The Woobie: Yamazaki, due to his longstanding Butt Monkey status, has his moments. Just three examples are a prank from around the time he became a regular cast member, and he had his pants pulled down by Hamada and Matsumoto on what he was told was a live broadcast. When assigned the blame and then "fired" from Gaki no Tsukai, he appears onstage, devastated, to mention that this will be his last episode. Another example comes during the Chocolate Kiki episode. After Hamada unsuccessfully attempts to intimidate the others into giving him a hint, he cracks a chocolate bar over Yamazaki's head. He maintains a shocked expression for several seconds before meekly muttering "I thought that we'd actually have fun today." Yet another example comes from the Curry Kiki episode, where after guessing which curry he tasted wrong, he gets slapped and sent sprawling to the floor. After recovering from said slap, he starts to bawl his eyes out. And this is not counting the yearly abuse he gets from Masahiro Chouno.