YMMV: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

  • Moment of Awesome: Mudfoot's intervention during Tyrone's (the Scrooge Expy from the The Fat Albert Christmas Special) conniption. It can be viewed here.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The ending of The Fat Albert Christmas Special.
    • The Ending of Gang Wars
    • The ending of the Live-Action Adaptation, when Doris goes to visit her grandfather's grave and sees Bill Cosby and his childhood friends (now old men) paying their respects to her grandfather as well (as it turns out that he was Cosby's friend who Fat Albert had been based off of). As the camera pans by each of the friends, it flashes to their younger fictional selves, when they were young and happy. A happier Tear Jerker comes after, as the group chases each other out of the graveyard, clearly still just as energetic and playful as they were as teens.
  • Values Dissonance: Some episodes ended with wrongdoers getting off easy or with a slap on the wrist. One episode with a graffiti vandal had said vandal simply being forced to clean up everything and another had a habitual thief simply get off on probation. Had these stories taken place today, it's likely that these rogues were more likely to go straight to prison. Of course, in today's America with the subjects of overcriminalization and overincarceration being hot political topics, a lot of people might say, "Why were the 70s more enlightened than we are?"
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Several episodes, including the ones about prison and gang violence, had material that many parents would probably not want their kids to watch, at least alone. There was even an episode about a teen mother, which didn't go into detail about how babies were made. Parents were likely supposed to talk with their kids about sex and avoiding teen parenthood. Another episode dealt with ST Ds, and a doctor even mentioned a couple of the diseases by name. The same episode also had mentions of sexual intercourse, and Bill told the viewers that those words were something they should ask their parents about. That episode managed to handle the subject of ST Ds in a very tasteful fashion, and the girl who was involved with the guy who had an STD was not slut-shamed. Neither of the students who had that disease were looked down upon or condemned, and Albert was only concerned about his friend's health and well-being. The point of the episode was taking responsibility for your actions - not just for your sake, but for others. Few kids' shows out there touch such heavy topics.