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YMMV: Evanescence
  • Awesome Music: They may not be relevant today, but listening to My Immortal (band version) will remind you of why they were successful to begin with.
  • Broken Base: For many, many reasons their Broken Base is huge:
    • They had this with the leaving of Ben Moody. Many fans love The Open Door and their Self Titled Album, and think that both are as good as the original while diverging into different sounds. However, there is a large fan base that says Fallen was the best album hands down, and the other two were no where near close because Amy Lee isn't as talented as Ben Moody.
    • There is also a section of fans that took great offense to Amy Lee denouncing their Christian Rock undertones stating that "It was Ben's thing, I never viewed the music like that." Many fans who found the Christian tones the driving force were upset that Amy never viewed it that way.
    • There is also a Fallen / Evanescence fans who like their rockier more violent flat out rock/metal sound, which is rather sad/downbeat lyrically and The Open Door fans who like the focus on build and more classical elements, with more abstract lyrics and sarcasm.
    • And then of course, the tiring comparisons of Lee's vocals with other contemporary female rock/metal singers such as Cristina Scabbia and Sharon den Adel.
  • Covered Up: Tourniquet is a cover version of My Tourniquet, written and first sang by Soul Embraced, former drummer Rocky Gray's other band.
  • Deader Than Disco: They were hit hard by Nu Metal becoming Deader Than Disco; thus bringing them from one of the most acclaimed, Grammy-winning, best-selling artists of 2003 to a largely forgotten act today (with the possible exceptions of "Bring Me to Life" and "My Immortal").
  • Ear Worm: You have to admit that most of their hits are outright catchy.
    • Origin has Even In Death, Anywhere and Away From Me.
    • Fallen has Going Under, Bring Me To Life, Everybody's Fool, Tourniquet, Imaginary and Taking Over Me
    • The Open Door has Sweet Sacrifice, Cloud Nine, Lacrymosa, Like You, The Only One and All That I'm Living For.
    • Evanescence has The Change, Made Of Stone, My Heart Is Broken, The Other Side, Erase This and Sick
  • Epic Riff: During the bridges of Even In Death, "My Immortal", (the rock version) Going Under, Whisper, Haunted and the chorus of "Tourniquet", which is almost sexy.
    • The Other Side which is also sexy.
  • Face of the Band: Amy Lee, so extensively that many people think she is the band. Refer to I Am the Band in the Music tab.
  • Greeks Love Evanescence: And so do Brazilians and Egyptians. Amy Lee has a fairly large following in the Japanese Lolita scene as well.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "My Immortal"'s video showing Amy Lee, Ben Moody and the band separately. Moody left after the video was shot (which was not lost on Amy Lee) and the other band members years after.
  • Heartwarming Moments: "Secret Door" and "Good Enough" both warm the heart with the love present in the songs. (And the effort)
    • Like You is mostly Tear Jerker material but has its two heart warming moments: "You're Not Alone" and "Nothing Real Love Can't Undo".
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Amy Lee certainly isn't fat by everyday person standards, but many people seem to refer to her as fat.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Evanescence is not the stage name of that woman.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Their limited released, comparatively obscure first album Origin is hailed by some to be their best.
  • Les Yay: Amy and the backup dancers in the music video for "Call Me When You're Sober."
  • Magnum Opus: Bring Me To Life and My Immortal; the Fallen album as a whole.
  • Misattributed Song: Bring Me To Life has nothing to do with Linkin Park.
  • Narm: Oceans has its narmy moments.
    • Narm Charm, Bring Me To Life is said to be the sound of overblown histrionic angst, but it's done with such bombastic, agonised gusto you have to love it. Go for broke, emo girl!
  • Never Live It Down: "My Immortal" is seen as a representation of the band for its extremely emo nature and gets the band labeled as emo
  • Nightmare Fuel: Now has its own page.
  • Older Than They Think: Creed did Not Christian Rock earlier than Evanescence, and they weren't even the first.
  • Sequel Displacement: For the longest time fans thought that this was the case with Fallen, until Amy set the record straight that Origin is nothing more than a dressed up demo.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: Yes, they do have one of these in the wonderfully sparse and loving "Secret Door".
  • Tear Jerker: Now has its own page.
  • Wangst: "Weight Of The World" could fall into this at times. They are known for their habit of rarely expressing any emotion other than over the top, melodramatic angst.

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