Trivia / Evanescence

  • Black Sheep Hit: "Bring Me to Life" is their most famous song by far, yet it's different from all their other songs as it's the only one to feature male vocals.
  • Creator Backlash: Amy Lee is not fond of doing "My Immortal" live.
    • Or the music video for "Everybody's Fool."
    • To a lesser extent she wasn't happy about the male vocals for "Bring Me To Life" at first, but has since become used to it.
  • Creator Breakdown: "Hello" and "Like You" were inspired by the death of Amy Lee's little sister Bonnie when she was just a child and have never been performed live for her fans.
  • Development Hell: The band's 3rd album was supposed to be released Autumn 2010. Due to genuine creativity problems with what it was going to sound like the original Electronic / Folk influences were erased to a point and recording company issues.
    • Amy has stated since that the self titled album only features 3 songs from the original submitted album, and its sound was mostly born out of anger over their work being wasted. Nowe that they've left Wind Up, Amy says they might release it independently.
  • Executive Meddling: "Bring Me to Life", at least the released version, was due to this. It was originally titled "Wake Me Up Inside" and only had Amy singing. Paul McCoy of 12 Stones was only added to the song at the very last minute; Evanescence and 12 Stones were labelmates at the time, and the label wanted to cash in on the Nu Metal phenomenon.
  • What Could Have Been: ThatVideoMakingKid's Youtube account features lyric videos for nearly every version of nearly all of Evanescence's songs, including the original demo versions of many of the band's older songs, such as "Haunted" and "Imaginary."