Tear Jerker / Evanescence

A lot of Evanescence's songs are tear-jerking in one way or another. Reasons vary from person to person and song to song.

  • "Missing," is about someone who asks themselves if anyone would miss them (and implies suicide with the line 'Even though I'm the sacrifice').
  • "Hello," on Fallen is about someone who's very young who is broken down due to a trauma — a girl's death. It was written and dedicated to lead singer Amy Lee's little sister, who died at the age of 2 of an unknown disease.
  • "My Last Breath," is sung by a dying person to their loved one who can't do anything to avoid it.
  • "Everybody's Fool" is some severe self loathing (and the music video does not help at all), also fake people and when you figure out someone you used to love/support/aspire to was fake how much that hurts.
  • "Fields of Innocence" is a dissection of how traumatic growing up can be:
    Where has my heart gone?
    An uneven trade for the real world
    Oh, I... I want to go back to
    Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all.
  • "My Immortal," "My Immortal," "My Immortal," A MILLION TIMES MY IMMORTAL. It's almost a shame that everyone's tired of it due to overexposure, since it's a genuinely sad song.
  • "Breathe No More" most DEFINITELY qualifies.
  • "My Heart is Broken," about a loss of innocence.
  • "The Change" is about a tragic ending of a relationship when ends because the people in it were co-dependent but not in sync or in love.
  • "Secret Door," about love in its most delicate form, based upon a dream.
  • "Swimming Home," about death from the other side or living in different worlds.
  • "Lost in Paradise," about a loss of direction in life and confusion in "Paradise."
    • All are particularly from Evanescence (2011).
  • "Tourniquet" is a damn depressing song, when you listen to the lyrics and realize what is about. Basically, the singer has been Driven to Suicide (apparently by slitting her wrists, judging from the title and constant mention of "blood" in the chorus,) and only has regrets about what she has done once she passes over the point of no return, and tries to repent in her last moments.
  • "Your Star," relationship issues and feeling alone and depressed and like you're the only one fighting for something special.
  • "Before the Dawn," in the sense of the deep love in this song.
  • "Even in Death" (to a degree, though also severe terror), in the "people die, but real love is forever" sense.
  • "Anywhere," see Lyrical Dissonance for more. So say, the dark key the song is in, blurry line between happy lyrics and nobody's there for you lyrics.
  • "Like You," the second released song about Amy's very young sister and love after death.
  • "Lithium," about taking solace in unhappiness and the struggle with making unhappiness and happiness work together.
  • "Erase This" is particularly depressing to anyone who's living below their own talent or mental capabilities or anything not their natural selves.
  • "Never Go Back" is heartbreaking to anybody who lost anybody, a friend, a lover, a family member to things they can't really understand and horrific circumstances...
  • "Made of Stone" will make anybody tear up if they did everything right and gave their all and even changed their personality for someone they loved for what ultimately came to nothing.
  • "Taking Over Me:"
    I believe in you
    I'll give up everything just to find you
    I have to be with you
    To live, to breathe
  • "Good Enough" has a lovely tone that can be considered sad and some angst in the lyrics:
    "'Cause I can't hold on"
    "To anything this good enough"
    "For you to love me too."
  • Where Will You Go:
    You're too important for anyone
    You play the role of all you long to be
    But I, I know who you really are