YMMV / Emogame

  • Anvilicious / Author Tract: Three guesses as to what The Anti-Bush Game is about. The game even contains several Author Filibusters where the action stops to explain why Bush and his policies suck.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Pretty much the foundation of half the games' humor.
    • Steven Tyler raping a bunch of emo kids? Gross. Steven Tyler getting skull-fucked to death by Chris Carrabba? Bloody Hilarious. Chris Carrabba marrying Steven Tyler's severed head, which still has his dick running through it? Yeah, that belongs under this category. And that's just the first game — in the second, you fight Steven's possessed severed head, and one of his attacks is to pour the cum that is still resting in his gouged-out eye socket onto your head.
    • Before you face them, Scott Stapp admits that Creed was formed from the shit of Eddie Vedder. Then he elaborates that he and his bandmates have held onto that shit and used it to make an attack helicopter.
    • Four words: Mandy Moore finger bang.
    • About half the options available to you in the first game's MTV News segment.
    • Fred Durst raping a donkey. And in the sequel, he does it with Puddle of Mudd to form a man-train.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The plot of the first game involves protecting the world of emo from the forces of commercialism. Now, can anybody tell me what went on to be the defining trend in popular rock music for much of the Turn of the Millennium? Apparently, the third game was going to make the growing mainstream popularity of emo a major part of the plot.