YMMV / Einhänder

  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Flash, a secret unlockable gunpod, is quite simply the best weapon in the game. And once you get it, you can select it as a starter gunpod in a new game.
    • The Grenade and Python also qualify, both arguably the most powerful gunpods in terms of damage per hit. However, the Python is shot out in a rather randomly arranged string, making it hard to hit enemies and thus Awesome, but Impractical.
    • The Astraea Mk II. This fighter is identical to the Astraea Mk I, but has 9999 rounds of ammo for any gunpod it picks up or starts with. Getting this fighter is difficult since you need to clear the game on hard difficulty without continuing (you can die multiple times without wasting a continue though). Combine that with the Flash mentioned above or the Juno, and you can tear through anything and everything with ease.
  • No Export for You: PSN-wise, that is. While Einhander was released to North American markets in 1998, it has yet to see a PSOne Classics rerelease on the NA PlayStation Store. Naturally, it has been available on Japan's store since 2008. Made slightly less bad because the later PlayStation consoles are region free, and the fact that the game is largely already in English.
  • That One Boss: Schwarzgeist. Hyperion is one too.
  • That One Level: The second half of stage 5, after beating the miniboss. It's so filled with enemies and bullets that if you don't destroy them in time, you'll be swamped all over!