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YMMV: Doctor Strange
  • Complete Monster: Arch-Enemy Dormammu (also known as The Dread One or Dread Dormammu or Dread Lord) is the ruler of the Dark Dimension, where he established a dictatorship with his sister Umar, who he has attempted to destroy on more than one occasion. After Strange bested him once, Dormammu has never stopped brooding on that slight and has endlessly attempted to destroy Strange and everything he loves. The obliteration of Earth and its people have been attempted by Dormammu, but those who survive his conquests have it far worse. The Dark Dimension is run like his personal hell, the denizens enslaved and tormented constantly, with only a small resistance against him. To oppose Dormammu is to risk the endless torture of your soul should you fall into his hands alive. He remains one of the few of Strange's many otherworldly foes to have earned the sorcerer's hatred.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome:
    • The Oath:
      • "But what are you going to do, Master?" "Defy expectations."
      • "But in other [ways], Wong is my master."
  • Dork Age: Strange was changed to be more like a typical superhero in the 1970's. It didn't work.
    • Not to mention the mid-90's period when he was changed into a young, long-haired business executive who didn't have any of his previous supporting cast with him.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The villain Shuma-Gorath took on great popularity after he was used in Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Fridge Horror: Strange isn't virtually omnipotent anymore, but all of his old opponents still are, and there is no hero with both the scale of power, skill, and stability to reliably stand against them anymore. Brother Voodoo, The Sentry, and Molecule Man are dead, Legion is insane, Scarlet Witch is recovering but still mentally fragile, Wiccan is still coming into his power, Hulk is a one-trick pony, generally nowhere near his infinite upper levels of power, and insane, Franklin Richards is still a child, The Mighty Thor doesn't possess the Odinforce anymore, The Incredible Hercules only briefly possessed that scale of power, Nico Minoru is too inexperienced, and powerful as the Silver Surfer may be, he couldn't even make Dormammu notice his attacks. Finally resolved with the end of Bendis' New Avengers, which saw him restored to his title as Sorcerer Supreme. Though the idea of a Sorcerer Supreme — one solitary man or woman protecting the Earth against unspeakable threats — is scary in and of itself.
  • Ship Tease: There have been hints of sexual attraction between Strange and Ms. Marvel (mutual), the Scarlet Witch (his side), and Dead Girl of X-Statix (sort of mutual but mostly her side).
  • Tear Jerker: Blessed Vishanti, so many...
    • When he is forced to murder the Ancient One to prevent Shuma-Gorath from using his mind to enter their dimension.
    • When Clea leaves him for the first time, claiming she wants her beloved to be happy. He isn't.
    • The entire lengthy run in Strange Tales vol. 2 which finds Strange becoming, very unwillingly, a dark sorcerer, leaving a trail of broken hearts and shot dogs behind him, in order to save the world.
    • Baron Mordo dying at peace and rising up to the arms of the Ancient One.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Early Dr Strange comics were quite popular with drug taking students due to their surreal artwork which led to many readers think the artists were on drugs.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Whether being the Sorcerer Supreme is a metaphor for the 2008 U.S. Presidency is entirely up to the reader.

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