YMMV / Destroyermen

  • Complete Monster: Captain Hisashi Kurokawa of the Imperial Japanese ship Amagi is a brutal sadist and madman. Allying with the monstrous Grik, Kurokawa kills thousands when his ship destroys the Neracca home in an attempt to get at the USS Walker. Torturing his own crew at the drop of a hat, Kurokawa also gives one tenth of them to be devoured by the Grik in exchange for his own life after a defeat, before managing to climb the ranks by offering the Grik Japanese military technology. Conducting horrible experiments on the Grik, Kurokawa frequently orders their suicides for his own failures and consistently tries to kill both his enemies and innocent people. When he captures his Arch-Enemy Matthew Reddy's pregnant wife, Kurokawa tries to compel her assistance by threatening to have her comrades raped and later orders all prisoners besides her executed. Treacherous to the end, Kurokawa dies scheming how he will ally with Reddy before betraying him after Reddy thinks he is trustworthy.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Again, Silva. He has a habit of dealing out a ridiculously appropriate (and often over the top) lesson and/or punishment to anyone he thinks needs one. For example: Machinist's Mate Dean Laney is mocking Coxswain Tony Scott, who has become terrified of the sea since arriving in the new world (for very good reason, and Scott continues to do his job despite being humiliated by his own fear). Silva's response? To pull the pin on the chain Laney was leaning against, leaving him to go tumbling over the side and only save himself by grabbing the chain. Afterward, he's afraid of the water.
    • His "prank" on Chack (a Lemurian who joins the Americans on Walker): Silva proclaims Chack's sister to be his wife...and she goes along with it! Poor Chack was this close to murdering Silva when that happened.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • That racist asshole who raped a 'Cat in book two. Walker's other enlisted men lynch him for it.
    • Kurokawa's is probably when he destroyed Neracca Home, killing eight thousand people purely so he could get a better shot at Walker. His attempt to handwave it later on, claiming that he gave them a more "honorable" death than the Grik would have afforded them, just makes it worse.
      • Technically, Kurokawa did not break the cotemporary laws of warfare; they clearly stated that ships, which participate in humanitarian missions (like carrying refugees), must be unarmed, must have Red Cross symbols and must NOT sail with any kind of military escorts. Neracca did not fit under any of this rules.
    • Walter Billingsley wades into this territory when he abducts Rebecca, Sandra, Sister Audrey, Silva, and Lawrence and blows up the dock's fuel reserves, killing 17 people. He steps up a notch by ordering the captain of the Ajax to fire upon two Lemurian ships because the female Lemurian captain of the frigate dared to speak to him and concocts a plan to "dispose" of all hostages but Rebecca and have the captain and the men loyal to him executed by a Kangaroo Court for "firing upon a defenseless ship". His death comes courtesy of Silva setting Ajax's powder magazine up to explode.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • EM1 Rodriguez's hair caught fire when the Walker took a hit during an engagement with Amagi. His new nickname: Ronson, after a popular brand of cigarette lighter.
    • Ensign Fred Reynolds attacked an enemy ship in his unarmed PB-1B Nancy seaplane, firing his .45 out of the cockpit in the absence of better options. His first six rounds at least hit the enemy ship. The seventh punched a hole in the nose of his own plane. His Lemurian deck crew patched the hole, but instead of painting over it, they circled it and wrote a big "NO" where he can see it from the cockpit.
  • Nightmare Fuel: How much time you got?
    • At the climax of book one, Matt and his crew team up with the Lemurians to board a Grik ship. The battle is horrific enough (though not without several badass exploits from humans and Lemurians alike), but then everyone goes belowdecks and find a "brig" where Lemurian captives are being butchered alive for food, and the survivors are Forced to Watch.
      • They're perfectly willing to do the exact same thing to each other if there are no prisoners around. And they're so damned casual about it...
    • And then there's the twisted sonsofbitches of the Holy Dominion.
    • "Superlizards" in the jungles of Borneo.
    • "Flashies," basically man-eating tuna that act like piranha. Also the plesiosaur-like gri-kakka, also man-eaters. Basically, falling in the water is a death sentence.
    • The Mountain Fish/Leviathans. Maelstrom opens with Princess Rebecca Anne McDonald having a nightmare about her ship being attacked by one of these huge bastards, only to wake up and find that her ship really is being attacked and devoured by one. She and O'Casey are the only survivors.
      • The USS Mahan ran into one of these west of Java following Kauffman's mutiny. With half of her boilers already knocked out, Mahan could only run away at 16 knots, and the damn thing still almost caught her. It finally gave up when the destroyer reached shallow water.
      • The first one that chased the USS Walker took a dozen 4-inch high-explosive rounds and a pair of depth charges. They still don't know if they actually killed it or just pissed it off. Silva still claims bragging rights either way, though.
      • At least active sonar will scare them off...
  • The “greater dragons,” enormous allosaurids that are the apex predators of South America. The Dominion even uses shackled ones as war beasts, and they are not at all tame. What’s worse, even the elephant guns used by Imperial militia volunteers, who are used to taking down dinosaurs, are a No-Sell against them. Only heavy artillery will bring the damn things down.
    CAPT Blas-Ma-Ar USMC: Cease fire! We just pissin’ it off! RUN!!!