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YMMV: Clash Of Heroes
  • Game Breaker: The Necropolis faction is rife with these, as usual.
    • Ghosts are immune to pretty much everything while charging, making it easier to kill the enemy.
    • Vampires aren't too bad normally, but some artifacts make them extremely powerful, and their HP drain, if it reaches the enemy, is about as good as it gets.
    • Wraiths instantly kill the enemy hero if their attack goes through (works on bosses, unlike many other unique unit abilities).
      • Note that Wraiths will also kill another player in multiplayer if its attack reaches their HP bar. Combine this with Markal's magic spell, which instantly charges any elite or champion units on the field, and you have a serious game breaker.
    • Necropolis has some quite insane artifacts, like double attack power for all units in exchange for 90% of the Hero's hitpoints (which can be recovered by Vampire attacks)
    • Fallen units leave behind bones, which move forward on the player's turn to form/reinforce walls. Even in double-death, your units prove useful.
    • Outside of the Necropolis, Elven Unicorns create a very powerful barrier while charging, reducing each incoming attack by up to fifteen. Only Champion attacks have any real chance of getting through.
    • The Inferno faction can set up an onslaught of attacks that is very hard to counter against by picking only the Nightmare as their elite unit. Since they're only two spaces, more can be recieved, and all active Nightmares attack regardless of time left when one's countdown finishes. Picking only hellhounds, the fastest unit, as your normal unit and the artifact that gives an extra moves per turn can quickly turn this into a rapid beatdown. The Succubus can also cut a wide path through an enemy field with power to spare.
      • Most of these only apply to the DS version of the game: in the Updated Re-release, a lot of the above stuff has been either made far less effective or not useful at all anymore: the attack boost artifact for Necropolis only increases it by 75% and it affects your max HP so boosted Vampires can't heal it back anymore, Unicorns' barrier only protects whatever is right next to them and it isn't automatically placed in the front row anymore, Phoenix lost its AoE effect from its attack and gained a different secondary ability and so forth. However, there's still some additions that greatly increase the effectiveness of some factions and units: Inferno's extra turn ring gives +1 extra move on every turn instead of 5 on their first one, Academy gets an artifact that allows Mages of any color to be fused together and Necropolis' previously near-useless Death Knights with no special ability now gain a massively powerful one that absorbs extra PWR from the opponent's units for every turn they're charging, both making them that much stronger while also disallowing the enemy from forming any weak formations while the Death Knight is charging.
    • In a more general sense, Artifacts are likely to be game breakers in some form or another — especially when combined with a faction's specific abilities. Some give you an extra move each turn (which is just a ridiculous advantage, really), others bring you back to life if you're defeated, and so on.
    • Some versions of the game were clearly not tested with colorblindness (partial or full) in mind resulting in two of the three colors of units looking effectively identical. While not necessarily a problem with regular units if you also have three different regular units, once you're required to pair up regular units with special units, it becomes impossible to continue since matching special plus regular units becomes a matter of luck.
  • Goddamned Bats: Zombies poison your attack formations. Including ghosts.
  • Nausea Fuel: The battle with Carlyle... Really, ugh. His One-Winged Angel form has him like some kind of Jabba The Hut blob... thing, with a giant mouth at the stomach, which vomits up green blobs, and if your troops happen to be in the center of his wand attack, they all get turned into food that he eats up, conveniently healing him.
  • That One Boss/Luck Based Boss: Ludmilla, oh god, Ludmilla. Most of her attacks leech life off of you, making the fight longer than necessary. She always starts the fight by summoning either one or two bone dragons, which can easily kill you if given a chance, and usually cover her besides. If you both survive long enough, everything else she does is even worse. On the other hand, thanks to the Game Breakers available to Fiona, the right strategy and initial field arrangement can finish her in one hit.
    • This troper distinctly remembers the Bone Dragons she summons draining health from you too, even though yours can't do such a thing.
    • And most bosses have a tendency to move around just as your attacks would've hit them, on top of everything else.
  • That One Level: Silver Cities begins with three extremely dangerous fights with no chance to save between them. Sheogh is an odd case, as it begins with some frustratingly unconventional and overleveled battles (such as one in which you not only have to hit three cannons, but have to march your units across moving platforms over lava to do it), but everything from the halfway point onward is very straightforward and enemies tend to be evenly matched or a level below your hero.
  • The Woobie: Poor Fiona. She's the most gentle and soft-spoken of the main cast, and arguably suffers the most out of all of them. At least she's the only one who dies and comes back as a ghost, looking down in horror at her own corpse....

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