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YMMV: Carlito's Way
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Taking down a group of mooks with a pool cue and managing to convince them he's reloaded after running out of ammo.
    • The entire hospital confrontation culminating in Carlito taking the bullets out of Dave's gun and allowing him to get killed by Vinny.
    Adios, councilor.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Benny Blanco from the Bronx tries getting it on with Carlito in the nightclub after some rassling. It doesn't end well for him.
  • Moral Event Horizon: (Carlito, from narration:) There's a line you cross, you don't never come back from. Point of no return. Dave crossed it. I'm here with him. That means I'm going along for the ride, the whole ride. All the way to the end of the line, wherever that is.
  • Tear Jerker: Although a foregone conclusion already, Carlito gets shot just before he makes it with Gail on the train.
    Tired, baby. Tired.
  • Wangst: Everyone. Kleinfeld in particular.

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