YMMV / Brothers in Arms

The fanfic

  • Funny Moments:
    • Late in Chapter One when Kaname opens a present only to find the harisen that she used so often for beating Sousuke.
    • Early in Chapter Two. Largely due to the author planting a mental image of Kalinin dressed up like Santa Claus in the minds of readers.
    • Early-ish in Chapter Three when Tessa says "Kaysh mirsh solus" (his braincell is lonely) about Kurz.
    • Kaname describes Sousuke as having invaded her heart without her noticing... causing Tessa to come up with a mental image of a chibi-Sousuke with a Ka-bar in his teeth, digging a foxhole in a pink heart-shaped island.
  • Heartwarming Moments: At the end of Chapter One, when Sousuke gives Kaname her birthday/Christmas present.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Garon has one of his first shown semi-early in Chapter Three when he offers lessons in "manners, the good Mando'ad way."

The games

  • Demonic Spiders: In later levels in Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood, you will encounter Germans armed with Stg 44 assault rifles. Incredibly powerful and accurate, they're even worse in Carentan and Saint-Sauveur.
    • Similarly, the German Paratroopers armed with FG42s in Earned in Blood are just as bad as their assault rifle-wielding counterparts.
    • MG 42's, at least in the first two games. Will kill you with one shot, and you must flank them. Luckily, they are fairly inaccurate.
    • Panzerfaust armed infantry and Pak AT guns, when you have a tank with you. Makes scouting a necessity if you don't want to lose your tank support.
    • And in Earned in Blood, the 88's. Just...the 88's.
  • Funny Moments: Sprinkled here and there in all three games. The best is probably the Funny Background Event in a cutscene in Hell's Highway where Jasper finally reaches the end of his patience with his chronically-broke-down jeep, announces his intention to "put the bitch out of her misery" and tries to shoot it while other Recon Squad paratroopers try to stop him.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The story starts out with your run-of-the mill seriousness, and even a few lighthearted moments. But let's face it. As Baker's guilt and PTSD starts to get to him, he starts seeing some pretty scary stuff. Like when the face of a child Baker rescued only to die in the next mission flashes on your screen, or when the battle field literally starts turning red and looking like the pits of Hell as you fight off incoming tanks.
  • Spiritual Licensee: Band of Brothers: The Game.
  • Tearjerker
    • The death of Allen and Garnett. Hell's Highway takes this Up to Eleven by showing the guilt Leggett repressed, ending up in him taking on a tank with a .45. Baker feels guilty about this and keeps hallucinating him (or seeing his ghost).
    • In Earned in Blood, when Red remembers a patrol with Desola, Allen and Garnett. His voice when he tells Marshall they all died later...
      • And the death of Doyle, Red's 82nd Airborne buddy. And when Paige, a bit of a Jerkass, carries Red to safety, then tells Red he's used up all his strength getting them to cover...then dies.
    • In Hell's Highway, Franky's death. Especially since the girl he was running of to save was shot by German sentries anyway, making it a Senseless Sacrifice. Baker tries to tell him she got away okay, but Franky sees through it.
      • And after Red is paralyzed. The scene where Baker tells him is gut-wrenching.

The Dire Straits album

  • Seinfed Is Unfunny: At the time of its release, the fact that the album was recorded digitally was one of its selling points, especially for the CD version. Digital recording is much less impressive now that any bedroom musician can use Pro Tools on their home computers.

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