YMMV / Brotherhood of the Wolf

  • Complete Monster: Jean-François de Morangias appears to be a foppish, crippled aristocrat, but is in reality a deadly enforcer for an evil cult. After returning from Africa, he brought with him a lion that he controls and keeps in a state of constant agony, using it to slaughter people while the poor creature is in so much pain it can't control itself. He also reveals a rather perverse lust towards his sister Marianne and later rapes her. While he is merely The Dragon to the Cult's leader, he comes off as the far more cruel, evil and deadly of the two and his mastery of the Beast indicates he might be the one really in charge.
  • Cult Classic: Despite the age, this film still has a lot of fans because of its unusual combination of fantasy, martial arts and France of the 18th century.
  • Evil Is Cool: Jean-François is unusually stylish and cool, not least because of the young Vincent Cassel playing him.
  • Older Than They Think: The idea of a Indian doing kung fu might sound new, but the 1969's film The Undefeated, directed by Andrew V. Mclaglen and starring John Wayne, already featured an Indian character shooting flying kicks and such in a rather tongue-in-cheek brawl scene.
  • Too Cool to Live: Mani