YMMV / Brave Exkaiser

  • Awesome Music: Most of the music in the show.
  • Complete Monster: Dino Geist is the universe's most infamous Space Pirate, having ravaged and plundered planets across the universe with his crew, the Geisters, who were usually Laughably Evil, while Dino Geist was played dead seriously. Dino Geist would endanger countless human lives to either gain as much treasure as he can, or simply to spite the Kaisers, to the point of attempting to detonate Mt. Fuji and put the 8 million people in the surrounding area in danger, purely to harm the humans the Kaisers cared so much about. On several occasions, Dino Geist takes hostages, both human or Kaiser, to gain an advantage, then tries to kill them without a second thought once he got his way, in some cases even indulging in torture while waiting. Even his own allies aren't safe from his ruthlessness, as both his Friend in the Black Market and his own crew are ultimately abandoned to the Kaisers without a second thought when it suits the pirate's goals. The Final Battle sees him attempt to kidnap Kouta and take him off world as a trophy solely to spite Exkaiser for getting in his ways, and when that fails, threatens his life get an advantage over his archenemy. Even Dino Geist's death is an act of malice and spite, as he casts himself into the sun, taking his own life to insult Exkaiser's belief all life is a treasure rather than allowing the Kaiser to arrest him. Vindictive and Greedy beyond measure, Dino Geist's reputation as the worst Space Pirate in the universe was well earned.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Many of the things the Geisters steal make a lot more sense when you remember they're from a species that need machines to possess in order to interact with the physical world, and that has machines capable of turning anything into a monster. On top of the implications they have a connection to an interstellar Black Market, it'd not be surprising that there's a market for nearly anything among their species.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dino Geist's plan in episode 13. Angry that Exkaiser and his team keep ruining his plans, he sends his minions to make Mt. Fuji erupt, potentially endangering a large number of people simply to get back at the Kaisers.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Dino Geist in general is very intimidating and frightening looking.
    • The Santa Claus Geist Robo in episode 44. Uncanny Valley abounds, and the fact it keeps saying "Merry Christmas" in a demonic voice is just plain terrifying.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Compared to its contemporaries and other Brave installments, Exkaiser is pretty basic.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Geister Robo in episode 44, a giant Santa Claus statue. The fact it still looks very human despite clearly being a machine with a creepy grin most of the time is just unnerving.