Wham Line / Comic Books

  • The final line of chapter 11 of Watchmen.
    Veidt: "Do it?" Dan, I'm not a Republic serial villain. Did you seriously think I'd explain my masterstroke if there was the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago.
    • Also while Nite Owl and Rorschach are looking through Ozymandias' office for clues about who might be targeting heroes, having been unable to speak with Ozymandias themselves.
    Nite Owl: Rorschach, I think we're in bad trouble. The person behind this, the person we're up against... I think it's Adrian.
    • And:
    Comedian: "Jesus Christ Sally, can't a guy talk to his, y'know, his old friend's daughter?" The wham line comes when the listener realizes the reason for the stutter is because he didn't intend to say "old friend" at all.
    • A bit less dramatic, but there is a part in Under The Hood where Hollis is talking about reading Action Comics as a kid, and mentions Superman, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. He then says "Of course, all of these old characters are gone and forgotten now."
  • Blackest Night: Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. Destiny awaits.
  • War of the Green Lanterns: "Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. You have the ability to overcome great fear. You have been chosen. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps."
    • Green Lantern #12: "Hal Jordan will become the greatest Black Lantern."
  • Suicide Squad: "Frank Rock died in 1945."
    • This one's especially painful. It was supposed to kick off a new story arc, but the series was cancelled prematurely, which caused it to be the last line in the series.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: "Go for your master... for DARKSEID!"
  • Aquaman: "In a fit of rage, seeking revenge, Aquaman killed Black Manta's father."
  • Flashpoint: "What did I do? Oh, Barry. My idol. My inspiration. That's the beauty of all this madness. I didn't do anything. Not a thing. You see, it turns out... You're the villain today."
    • "You're Thomas Wayne."
  • Batman The Long Halloween: "I am Holiday."
    • Also, "You both know, don't you? There were two Holiday Killers."
  • Dark Victory: "Nine of you are safe."
  • The Dark Knight Strikes Again
    Batman: [to the New Joker] So... it's you. I changed the abort code the night I fired you... Dick Grayson.
  • Batman and Robin #12: "They're all jokes."
  • Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood: "Isn't it obvious? Your mother and I were conceiving you, Helena Rosa. Now put that crossbow down before you accidentally murder your father."
    • To explain, Helena Rosa Bertinelli became the murderous vigilante Huntress to answer the cry for blood of her murdered family. Suddenly she, and we, are discovering that she is not a Bertinelli at all, but a Cassamento, and that her father is very much alive. We then go on to learn that her father is the one who arranged the murder of her family, with the intent of sparing her mother, not her. The very man she has spent her adult life trying to identify and kill is her father.
  • Identity Crisis #6:
    Zatanna: NAMTAB POTS!
  • Infinite Crisis #1:
    Batman: Everyone looks up to you. They listen to you. If you tell them to fight, they'll fight. But they need to be inspired. And let's face it, "Superman"... the last time you really inspired anyone — was when you were dead.
  • Kingdom Come:
    Norman: He had not turned his back at us. He stands in the sky... faith rewarded. (vision of screaming Superman, which changes Norman's mood and reaction) ... dear God. The threat of Armageddon hasn't ended. It's just begun...
  • Krypton No More:
    Supergirl: I thought we'd come to this someday! Well, now that we have, I've got to tell you, Superman — There is NO planet Krypton! Moreover, Clark — There never WAS!
  • In The New 52 version of WonderWoman: BOOM.
  • Justice League #50 (New 52):
    Batman: It said there were three.
  • DC Rebirth:
    Wally West: We're being watched.
  • New Super-Man
    Ching Lung: Without me, Super-Man Zero, there would be no you. Without me, there would be no superheroes. For I am the very beginning.

  • Thunderbolts: The end of the first issue. "Instead, I shall wear a different mask...a mask with darker intentions...the mask of Helmut, 13th Baron Zemo and the leader of the Masters of Evil!"
  • House of M: "No more mutants."
  • Avengers vs. X-Men: "No more Phoenix."
  • As the run that pretty much reshaped the X-Men's canon, Grant Morrison's New X-Men naturally has a few.
    • Issue #115:
    • Issue #129:
    Fantomex: "And it's Weapon Ten, not X."
    • Issue #146:
    • Issue #152:
    Beast: "...call me SUBLIME."
  • Wolverine Vol. 2 issue #75: "SCHLUNK!" The sound of bone claws tearing through Wolverine's skin.
  • Wolverine in X-Men 138: The Hellfire Club defeats the X-men, and Wolverine gets mass-increased until he crashes through the floor and winds up deep underground. He rises from the sewer, livid, and utters the line that changes him from secondary character into cult figure...
  • X-Men's Messiah Complex is practically built on this.
    Lady Deathstrike: "Come to me, children. Come to Deathstrike."
    Wolverine: "Negative. The Marauders don't have the baby. One of our side has her. An X-Man took her from Cooperstown."
    Cyclops: "Charles, you trained me, Let me do my job."
    Also from Cyclops: "Assemble X-Force."
    Future Mutant: "Yeah. You'll live. Leastways... until something else kills you." Full page showing Cable shot and Bishop aiming at the mutant baby.
    Mystique: "I've always been good with children."
    Rockslide: "We deserve a piece of the ac—...tion? I take it back."
  • X-Men #300
    Fabian Cortez: "How could I possibly lose the points for Magnus's death, unless…?" (eyes widen) "NOOO!"
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #248, "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man." "You see, Tim has leukemia and the doctors give him only a few weeks to live."
    • Another Spider-Man example with a huge impact on the entire mythos and which comes as a revelation not just to the readers, but to the protagonist as well, from The Amazing Spider-Man #257:
      Mary Jane: You don't have to make up another one of your phony excuses, Peter! Not now—! I know the truth! The real truth!
      Peter: What are you talking about?
      Mary Jane: I've known your secret for years! Up until now, I've always thought I could cope with it if I ever had to experience it firsthand — but I can't! I can't! I just can't cope with the fact that Peter Parker is secretly Spider-Man!
    • And then, of course, there's the two words that, if avoided, could have saved a storyline: "Do it.".
    • From The Amazing Spider-Man #698: "No... I'm Peter Parker."
    • From Superior Spider-Man #19: "Gentlemen, I give you Alchemax. Long may she stand."
    • The Jackal drops one in Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #3: "Please, Peter. This is darker than red. It's more of a... scarlet."
    • Quite possibly the biggest one in all of Spider-Man and quite possibly all of comics wasn't so much a line, but a sound effect: SNAP!
  • Spider-Men
    Ultimate Mysterio: Mysterio avatar activated.
  • The Punisher
  • Daredevil
    Kirsten McDuffie: Will you state your name for the record?
    Matt Murdock: Absolutely. My name is Daredevil.
    • During #25 of Mark Waid's run, Matt fights with Bullseye's new enforcer, Ikari, who was splashed with the same chemical that blinded him and gave him his radar sense. Matt attempts to use his experience to his advantage. That officially ends with this:
  • Young Avengers/Runaways Civil War: I want you to die.
  • Oh god, Runaways.
    Alex: "I just have to do one thing first."
    Karolina: "What's that?"
    Alex: "Tell you how sorry I am. Really."
    Xavin: "Chase... ran away. I believe he had a disagreement with Nico about what to do with Gert's body."
    Ultron: "Astounding. I anticipated your defeat of Doom, yet I was 99% certain you would be unable to damage him badly enough to uncover that he was merely one of my androids. Truly, you are my greatest creation."
  • Marvel 2099: "Thor is dead. I know. I was there."
  • In the Everything Burns crossover between The Mighty Thor and Journey into Mystery:
    Surtur's Herald: Leah of Hel knows his (Loki's) character better than her own.
  • Incredible Hulk #600: "The Good Doctor is out. The Bad Doctor is in."
  • Secret Avengers has one by the end of the fifth issue.
    • Issue #5
    Forson: I never thought I'd live to see the day.
    • Issue #13
    : Mockingbird's dead. And so are you.
  • From Hunger
    Galactus/Gah Lak Tus fusion:: Galactus... HUNGERS!
  • In Issue 3 of Ultimates 3:
  • First issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers ends with one:
    Captain America: Hail HYDRA.

Star Wars (Various Publishers):
  • Knights of the Old Republic:
    Elbee: "That was not the Mandalorian that broke my hand."
    • When Rohlan Dyre returned from picking up the unconscious Demagol, his weight was 17 kilos lower. And has not been seen taking off his helmet during the following 37 issues.
  • Dark Times: In "A Spark Remains", Beyghor Sahdett convinces the group to try and assassinate Darth Vader. Dass Jennir eventually agrees and brings Kai Hudorra in:
    Hudorra: You know he's lying, don't you, Jennir?
    Dass: Yes. I've known for some time. But I also know his reputation with a lightsaber. I knew I couldn't take him myself.
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader
    Darth Vader: Did you bring me anything of value, bounty hunter?
    Boba Fett: Not much. Just his name. Skywalker.

  • 100 Bullets #91: "Rothstein is dead. The connection is cut. No more attaches, no more revenge, no more hundred bullets. Graves' game is over."
  • Cerebus: "Something fell..." The second time this line is spoken, you experience the author's schizoid break. Wham.
  • Transmetropolitan: One percent.
  • Planetary: "I'm the Fourth Man."
  • A few from the Chick Tracts:
    • "The Letter" involves Mildred having a nightmare in which her best friend Frances goes to hell and blames her for not telling her about Christ. Mildred calls about Frances and gets the following news.
    "Mildred... didn't you hear? Saturday night Frances and Paul's car skidded in the rain and they hit a tree. John's still alive but Frances died instantly."
    "She's not there. Thelma took her to the clinic. They left an hour ago."
    • "The Trial" involves a girl named Annie being sued for witnessing to her friend. Finally, the friend gets to testify, and with one remark, derails the prosecution's case.
    "When Annie told me I should ask Jesus into my heart, I did!"
  • Scott Pilgrim has two in book 5:
    Knives: He cheated on us, Ramona. Both of us.
    • And later:
    Ramona: (to Scott) Good job. Great. You actually made me think that you were a decent person. But you're just another evil ex waiting to happen, aren't you?
    • In book 6, when Scott talks to Kim about the past, and she reveals that he's only been a hero in his own mind, and is in fact a huge asshole:
    Kim: Simon? The guy from high school? You beat the crap out of him and said we should date. He was 5 feet tall and didn't stand a chance.
  • Preacher: Mom?
    • "Herr Starr? Your time is up, Herr Starr."
    • "Motherfucker."
    • "And that was how they killed him, covered in the ashes of his dearest friend."
  • The Sandman: "He's going to have to kill her."
    • "I've quit."
    • "Take my hand."
    • "I have to kill my son."
    • "Judith — she's my twin sister — she once joked that if I died, he'd just write a play about it. 'Hamnet.'"
  • Animal Man #15: "I can see you!"
  • The last page of Ex Machina #1: "If I were a real hero, I would've been in time to stop the first plane."
  • Swamp Thing: "He isn't Alec Holland. He never will be Alec Holland. He never was Alec Holland."
  • Excalibur #80:
    recording of Stryfe, as his base's self-destruct activates: Congratulations. You're human. For the next eight seconds.
  • My Little Pony Micro Series: Interestingly it wasn't "I'm Jade Singer," but rather Twilight's response of "I know." The story provides a neat twist on the typical "bitter old celebrity who has gone into seclusion" plot and plays with the readers who can tell where the story is heading from early on.
  • BIONICLE issue 15: "You are not the first Toa".
  • Y: The Last Man: There's quite a number of them.
    Yorick: The reason why I'm the last man on earth... is monkey shit?
    • The aftermath of what happened in Hong Kong.
    Dr. Mann: We repaired what we could but I'm afraid motherhood isn't an option anymore.
    • Book 10, Whys And Wherefores are full of them, with the most notable one...
    Yorick, the 17th: He escaped...
  • Sonic the Comic Issue #82 has this line from the Kintobor computer;
    Kintobor computer: Amy, I'm picking up really wacky readings from the Star Post!
    If I'm right we may have sent all the emerald energy into the Special Zone.. what I'm trying to say is that Super Sonic may still be alive in there!
  • From Paperinik New Adventures:
    • Changing everything you thought had happened in the first book of the Xadhoom Trilogy:
    Evronian Scientist: "The Emperor will keep his promise! You can count on it doctor Xari!"
    • From the start of the second series:
    Everett Ducklair: "The unit denominated One has ceased its functions."
  • Anya's Ghost:
    Dima: "We're looking for a murder by a person named Emily Reilly, right?"
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog
    Nicole: "Stop it?"
    Eggman: "Fix it?"
    Both: "It's too late!"
    *world blows up*.
  • Transformers: More than Meets the Eye: Throughout the Shadowplay arc, there's been an unnamed Senator helping Orion Pax. At the end of the storyline, he's arrested by the corrupt senate and taken to The Institute. Two guards are talking about what's being done to him, and then we get this.
    Guard: What's his name?
    Guard 2: Senator Shockwave.
    • Issue 16: "That was a bad fall. Need a hand?" - Pharma.
    • Issue 18:
    Minimus Ambus: I was born Minimus Ambus. I am Minimus Ambus. But you all know me - you've always known me - as Ultra Magnus.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    • Volume One
    M: It's James. Call me James.
    • Volume Two
    Hawley Griffin: You're going to rule the Earth next to me.
    Campion Bond: Oh, yes. Yes, it's a hybrid all right. Anthrax and streptococcus, if I remember correctly.
    • The Black Dossier
    Harry Lime: You can call me M. When my back is turned you can even call me Mother. But Harry? Harry died a long time ago in the sewers under Vienna.
    Mina: Oh dear God, Bob Cherry is Harry Lime!
    Jimmy: Of course, M16 used to have a different name. The Ministry of Love.
    • Century: Volume 3:
    Ron Weasley: Please Harry, we're your friends!
  • Ronin:
    Mr. Kojima: In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd think I was back in Tokyo, in my youth watching my favorite television adventure program.
  • Hellboy In Hell: "Haven't you heard? Someone went down there and cut his throat."
  • Albedo: Erma Felna EDF: The Distant Finale published between the first and second arcs also includes an epilogue featuring Dr. Kalahahaii running away from the EDF after the ILR stole the info regarding her discoveries of the human ship from her brain using a Talent spy and now the EDF tries to silence her. The Enchawah family, the owners of Enchawah Corp. on the other hand, not only they try to help her, but also managed to translate the book found in the human spaceship:
    Lida Enchawah: Finally, we have a reasonable translation of the book you found. It appears to be some kind of fantastic fiction. You might want to read it: Frankenstein.
  • Circles: From Issue 1, when Paulie asks who Doug has bad feelings for,
    Doug: I have bad feelings about the guy who got you sick. (with HIV)
  • In W.I.T.C.H., Irma's "You're not my mother!". This is how the readers learn that Anna Lair is Irma's stepmother.
  • Towards the end of The Sculptor, Death (in human form) meets David's girlfriend, Meg. They both discuss an old theater she went to as a child before she goes out. After she leaves, David finally beats Death at chess. While he celebrates, Death drops the following linesExplanation (Spoilers) :
    Death: I've never been to that theater, David.
    David: What?
    Death: I have an appointment with her in ten minutes at Fifty-Third and Ninth.
  • Fun Home has this wham line just after main protagonist Allison comes out.
    Helen Bechdel: Your father has had affairs. With other men . . . And boys. . . .
  • Back to Brooklyn:
    Penny Saetta: Who did you think was holding the camera?