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Wham Episode: The Order of the Stick
  • 393. Haley finally spits it out.
  • 406. Miko Miyazaki decides that Lord Shojo is guilty of treason and executes him.
  • 443. Xykon kills Roy, though he eventually comes back.
  • 639. Vaarsuvius casts Familicide.
  • 672. In the conclusion to the fourth story arc, Blackwing, Vaarsuvius' familiar reveals what he saw within the rift: a planet. Not the Snarl, which is supposed to be the overarching manifestation of chaos doomed to unmake the world (although it's not incredible to discount it still being omnipresent in a way we've yet to understand), but a lone planet.
  • 759. Knocking off Elan's rose tinted glasses takes a big punch, but his dad delivers.
  • 830. Redcloak reveals his plan, is elevated to new levels of awesome... and offs a recurring villain in the comic.
  • 842. Familicide is revealed to have a direct and devastating effect on the plot, and on V's character arc.
  • 877. Malack turns Durkon into a vampire.
  • 906. Nale incinerates Malack.
  • 913. Tarquin kills Nale with a knife to the chest for killing Malack and not wanting anything to do with him.
  • 936. Elan lets his father drop from Scoundrél's airship, turning Tarquin's set of beliefs against him and leaving him in the middle of the desert.
  • 945. It is finally confirmed that the Snarl is real; its tentacle is getting out of Girard's Gate.
  • 946. Durkon is being held prisoner inside his own mind by the vampire he has become, who is now the High Priest of Hel, and the Order doesn't suspect a thing.
  • 952. Even though the Order doesn't know that Durkon is being possessed by Hel's servant, Thor DOES.
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