Wham Episode: The Order of the Stick

  • 393. Haley finally spits it out.
  • 406. Miko Miyazaki decides that Lord Shojo is guilty of treason and executes him. Next strip she's not The Paladin any more, as the Twelve Gods personally stripped her of her status for murdering her lord.
  • 443. Xykon kills Roy, though he eventually comes back.
  • 639. Vaarsuvius casts Familicide.
  • 672. In the conclusion to the fourth story arc, Blackwing, Vaarsuvius' familiar reveals what he saw within the rift: a planet. Not the Snarl, which is supposed to be the overarching manifestation of chaos doomed to unmake the world (although it's not incredible to discount it still being omnipresent in a way we've yet to understand), but a lone planet.
  • 759. Knocking off Elan's rose tinted glasses takes a big punch, but his dad delivers.
  • 830. Redcloak reveals his plan, is elevated to new levels of awesome... and offs a recurring villain in the comic.
  • 842. Familicide is revealed to have a direct and devastating effect on the plot, and on V's character arc.
  • 877. Malack turns Durkon into a vampire.
  • 906. Nale incinerates Malack.
  • 913. Tarquin kills Nale - a villain that has been in the comic for nearly ten years - with a knife to the chest.
  • 936. Elan lets his father drop from Scoundrél's airship, turning Tarquin's set of beliefs against him and leaving him in the middle of the desert.
  • 945. It is finally confirmed that the Snarl is real; its tentacle is getting out of Girard's Gate.
  • 946. Durkon is being held prisoner inside his own mind by the vampire he has become, who is now the High Priest of Hel, and the Order doesn't suspect a thing.
  • 952. Even though the Order doesn't know that Durkon is being possessed by Hel's servant, Thor DOES.