Western Animation: Watch My Chops

Watch My Chops, Also known as Corneil and Bernie, is an animated series. It run from 2004 to 2006. The show centers on Corneil, a genius dog who can talk, and his pet-sitter Bernie. Produced, animated and written in France; dubbed in the United Kingdom.


  • Catch Phrase - Corneil: "Watch my chops!"
  • Cats Are Mean- in one episode, John, Beth, and Bernie take in a stray cat that frames Corenil for many offenses and some alley cats attack Corneil and Bernie while the cat escapee into a alley, and in another episode, a cat picks on Corneil and the two start fighting (naturally).
  • The Cameo: In Who Said That, when Corneil an Bernie go to the animal shelter, you'll notice the elephant from Sixty Four Zoo Lane and Pablo The Little Red Fox behind them.
  • And the original French version (Corneil et Bernie)
  • Short Runner: Only got about 26 episodes and had a short run on American TV.
    • Subverted when the series gets revived in 2014.