Western Animation: The Miniavengers

The Miniavengers ("Les Minijusticiers") is a French comic book and cartoon series created by Zep, the creator of Titeuf, and Hélène Bruller. The premise is simple: a city with children who are represented by animals, each with a fault (laziness, stutters, small, big, mischievous, discreet ...) which will become a super power. At the end of each episode, they give the audience a little advice...Their slogan is "Great default but max power". It is alternatively titled The Minimighty Kids. The animated series currently consists of two seasons with 78 episodes of 7 minutes each.

The second season is started with a half-hour special that seems to Retcon the first season. In the special, only six of the 78 kids who experienced being superheroes regain their powers (this time permanently) and decide to form a little Super Team. The stories now have improved plots in which these six kids help their classmates and other people from the neighborhood while also having predicaments of their own.

Other than France, is currently also aired in Mexico under the name Grandes Minipoderosos (a loose translation of the alternative title seen above). The Mexican dub includes a few gags and references to Spanish songs, figures such as soccer players and even the channel that airs the series (Mexico City's Channel 22). It also airs in Spain as Superminihéroes.

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