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Webcomic: Daryl And Susie
A humourous fantasy webcomic hosted on Drunk Duck, written and drawn by Gareth Paul Barsby of The Otherworld Anthology. It revolves around Daryl, a dragon who has the unfortunate condition of a hole in his head, where monsters created from his mind come out during his more emotional moments. He picked up the confition when he lived in the magical land of Kirkalan, working as a guardian to the Big Bad Aosoth. Gaining this condition made him realise how wrong he was to follow Aosoth, so after Aosoth was defeated, he moved to Britain to start afresh, even adopting a daughter named Susie. He still has to deal with his head monsters though, and the comic documents how he tries to live a normal life while living with his past and his condition.

The comic generally updates weekly, with 'episodes' round about five pages or more. It can be read at

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