Web Video: Caper

Caper is a Superhero Comedy series produced by Geek And Sundry and created by Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore. The series was made in nine chapters, all of which were published on YouTube.

The series is about a group of four low-income superheroes sharing an apartment in Los Angeles. One day, they find themselves planning a heist (or "caper", as they choose to call it) at a tech company. The heroes are:

  • Penny Blue, a.k.a. "The Machine", an engineer who fights crime dressed in an Iron Man-like mechanized suit.
  • Luke Washington, a.k.a. "The Trooper", a journalist blogger.
  • Dagr, a native of an alternate dimension where Vikings still rule.
  • Alexia, an Amazonian former assassin who changed sides in the past.

A notable aspect of the series is its way of using comic-style animations for its action sequences.


  1. "City of Angles"
  2. "The Kilt Brahs"
  3. "Psycho Path"
  4. "The British Guy"
  5. "Lasers and Feelings"
  6. "Southpaw's Always Right"
  7. "Historectomy"
  8. "All Hands on Peltas"
  9. "Worst Bad Guys Ever"

Caper provides examples of: