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Officer Lockstock and Little Sally are Reality Warpers.
They can see past the Fourth Wall while other characters cannot, survive as everyone they know dies and suffers around them, have some ability to predict what's going to happen next (mostly Lockstock), and nothing truly bad will happen to them in canon — obviously they have some control over the universe around them. It is also quite possible that they are Reality Warpers but have no idea that they are.

Cladwell used to be a genuinely good person
After the stink years, Cladwell geniunely wanted to help end the drought. He started off well, conserving the water and keeping the unnamed country healthy, at least until his scientists could find a way to end the drought. However, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As a result, he froze all projects designed to end the drought in order to preserve his own power

Hope didnít want to be like her father
The reason Hope never tried to do anything about the water is because she didnít want to chance becoming like her father. After all, this girl was kidnapped, threatened, her love killed and then her own father (by her own hands no less). It seems understandable that she might be not be quite sane anymore.

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