Fridge / Urinetown

Fridge Brilliance
  • This Troper sort of had one. The first half consists of mostly slow, balladish songs, seeing as that's before everything gets all intense. There's about like maybe 2 quick tunes, then the Act I finale mixes both the intensity and the calmness of Act I. Then Act II is made up almost entirely of fast/catchy tunes, as Act II is when all the intense stuff happens. - Propane Nightmare

Fridge Logic
  • Urinetown is actually just getting thrown off Cladwell Column, the highest building in town. Not only is this a very public secret method of execution, by the time Officer Barrel shows up with his bucket and shovel, Bobby has time to sing a whole song.
    • It's possible that the Urinetown execution method is usually more discreet, but the UGC chose to throw Bobby off the building in order to make an example out of him.
      • Except that "Cop Song" basically says that the standard method is throwing people off the building. Keep in mind the UGC building is far, far away from the poor section of town. The rich people, who have plenty of money, are probably used to seeing poor people thrown off the building all the time.