Funny / Urinetown

Urinetown has some brilliantly funny scenes, but some productions play it more seriously than others.

  • The song 'Follow Your Heart,' which is an absolutely spot-on parody of love songs.
  • This exchange:
    Little Sally: What's it like, Officer Lockstock?
    Lockstock: What's what like?
    Little Sally: Urinetown!
    Lockstock: Oh, I can't tell you that, Little Sally.
    Little Sally: Why not?
    Lockstock: Because it's a secret, that's why! Look, its power depends on mystery. I can't just blurt it out like 'There is no Urinetown! We just kill people!' Oh no. The information must ooze out until it breaks forth in one mighty cathartic moment!! ...Somewhere in Act II, with lots of singing and things like that.
  • There was a regional production that had a clear parody of Wicked's "Defying Gravity" at the end of "Look at the Sky": Bobby Strong, standing on a higher level than the rest of the cast, brandished a toilet plunger (like Elphaba with her broom) under a bright green spotlight, belting the final note at the top of his lungs.