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Time Crisis is set in either the Agents of PSI or Urban Arcana universe.
  • Every character after Time Crisis 1 has a "Combat Prescience" item, and use it to know which shots are going to connect.
  • Why are lots of mooks given gas masks? Even though VSSE agents don't wear those, mooks never use chemical weapons, indicating that at least some of the mooks may be non-human and use the gas masks to not attract too much attention from "aware" people. Also, why do their bodies disappear mere seconds after they die? Mooks are from the Shadow!
  • Speaking about the mooks, who uses axes aside from Dwarves and Orcs?
    • The big muscular dumb guy from Time Crisis 4 part 2-3? Look how ugly he is and how much of a brute he is. He's obviously an Orc! Who thought that recruiting so many orcs into a special battalion was a good idea anyways?
  • The red mooks who always hit with their 1st shot? Totally using a True Strike spell. Which only makes one shot accurate.
  • Also, VSSE agents are able to take down a tank with a handgun. That would require the Speed Demon "Hit the weak spot" ability.
  • Speaking about VSSE agents, it's obvious that they have the Evasion talent from the Fast Hero basic class.
  • Wild Dog replaced his arm with an Arm Cannon, which does not fits at first, until you remember about Golemtech from Cyberscape. Also, he dies in every Time Crisis episode ever, but has spare bodies he can hop into. Also, he is a Tough hero/thrasher with the "Remain Conscious" talent. No wonder he can soak up so many bullets!

Conclusion: VSSE is a division of the Department-7.

Time Crisis is a sequel to Rolling Thunder.
Given some of the above theories, and Richard Miller an expy to Albatross, the Time Crisis series could be a sequel to Rolling Thunder series. Gameplay-wise, they provide players chances to Take Cover!, and the themes are similar. Also, the Geldra organization of the later two Rolling Thunder games are part of Wild Dog organization, so Wild Dog could be the man behind Maboo, Gimdo and Dread.

Time Crisis is set in Strangereal.

The locations for the first three Time Crisis games are set in fictional locations so it could be possibly that these locations might end up being placed in Strangereal. Lukano and Zagorias would be in Usea, while Sercia and Caruba are placed nearby the Kingdom of Sapin. Wild Dog has his headquarters set in Belka. Let's not forget that Wild Dog is the founder of A World With No Boundaries organization before the Belkan War.
  • Jossed for 3, there is a world map in the news scenes.

Wild Dog caused the information leak in Time Crisis 4.

In Time Crisis 4, the VSSE's involvement was leaked to the Hamlin Battalion, allowing them to ambush the agents at the airport. It is likely that Wild Dog, who was working for the Battalion at the time gave them the information.

Alternatively, the True Mastermind (aka VSSE traitor) of Time Crisis 5 caused the information leak in Time Crisis 4.

Who better to leak information about the VSSE's involvement than someone within the VSSE? Perhaps the information leak was actually a subtle bit of foreshadowing that someone within the agency is selling VSSE intelligence to enemy organisations. After the events of Time Crisis 4, an audit was conducted to find out who caused the leak, thus setting off the plot of Time Crisis 5.

Wild Dog is not a single person. But a series of clones

Wild Dog always seems to kill himself. And then appears in the next game. It is likely that there are clones of him that replace him in every game to fool the VSSE. With aging characteristics. And that the arm cannon was a deliberate attachment.

Wild Dog is Actually a Doombot from 2 onwards

Why would Wild Dog be making a robot army in Project Titan? Simple: he'd rather not go through blowing himself up again, and instead uses perfected versions of the robots he designed to do his bidding, using a self-destruct mechanism to keep the designs a secret. Each one is based on what he looks like at the time which he deploys it, so he looks to have aged in each encounter, and is directly-controlled somehow to make full use of his skills from battle after battle. Wild Fang on the other hand, seems to be the only flesh-and-blood protege of his, seeing as only Wild Dog blew himself up in 3...

Wild Dog is a genetically engineered organism.

It makes sense in context. Because he survives all his bullets and explosions. So it must make sense that he is genetically modified.

Wild Dog in 4 is not the same Wild Dog

Given the above theories that the first three Time Crisis games are set in Strangereal, the Wild Dog in 4, which is set in Real Life United States, could not be the same person as the Strangereal Wild Dog.

Wild Fang is Killed Off for Real.

In Time Crisis 4 Wild Fang landed on a launching UCAV when he is knocked out by Rush. It is likely that he was impaled by the impact and died. So he will probably not appear in Time Crisis 5.
  • Jossed, he turns up in True Mastermind Edition. Though unless he appears in Time Crisis 6, he could be dead for good this time.

Derrick Lynch is the son of Jack Lynch In-Universe.

It's possible. He was a former IRA member, so his attack on Garland Square is justified. His father In-Universe and In real life was Prime Minister of Ireland. And he opposed his father. Which is the reason why he joined the IRA.

Richard Miller or his son is in Razing Storm.

In Razing Storm, one of the agents is called Agent Miller. Either he is Richard Miller or the son of Richard Miller. Or a massive fan of Richard Miller. Or someone who shares the surname.

Time Crisis 5 is about the truth of Wild Dog.

Some new teaser images for Time Crisis 5 have been released. Wild Dog is still alive (although it was obvious) and it looks like this game will be the truth, as new screenshots show him (or Wild Fang, it is unclear) as the final boss. In a Jeep. Also, an edition will be called True Mastermind. And shows A man in a camouflage suit with a Katana. It also makes sense as next year will be Time Crisis's 20th anniversary. Plus 5 is a round number. Therefore it should be about the truth. And then a new pentalogy will begin.
  • Jossed; Time Crisis 5 is about a hunt for a traitor within the VSSE. True Mastermind Edition refers to the reveal of said traitor's identity.

When the home console port of Time Crisis 5 is released…

It will expand on Keith Martin's journey to find the VSSE traitor and clear his name as well as Robert Baxter's motivations for betraying the VSSE. In a Crisis Zone fashion.
  • URDA will return, and Robert will secretly be its leader before its second disbandment.
  • Additionally, there will be an extra campaign that focuses on Robert's Start of Darkness during the 18-year gap between the second and fifth games.

Sarah Martin, Giorgio's handler/Mission Control from Time Crisis 2nd Strike, is related to Keith Martin.

His sister or cousin, perhaps?

The Special Mission in the PlayStation version of Time Crisis 1 takes place after Project Titan.

First, Kantaris does not die in Project Titan, but can die in the Special Mission. Second, Richard Miller is shown to be driving the same red car in the end of Project Titan as the car that he arrives in at the start of the Special Mission.
  • Unlikely, since the intro briefing of the Special Mission notes that the VSSE has no intel on Kantaris at all, not even a name or gender. It also specifically mentions that Kantaris is Wild Dog's arms supplier. On the other hand, Project Titan just mentions Kantaris without any further details, implying that Richard should be familiar with Kantaris by now and not need further clarification.

Wild Dog will appear in a future Tekken game as a guest fighter.
And someone will compare Wild Dog's persistence to Heihachi Mishima's.