WMG / Realm of the Mad God

Who is Oryx the Mad God? Where did he come from?
  • Obligatory Time Lord entry, anyone want to expand on that?

What does Oryx really want?
  • He's a Death Seeker of the Nothing Left to Do but Die variety. His minions and simulacrum encounters are designed to be Training from Hell for the Player Characters, and he hopes that someday one (or a group) will be strong enough to kill the real him permanently.
  • He's a Blood Knight who Needs You Stronger to give him a challenge. Similar to above, he intends his minions as Training from Hell for the strong, and to weed out the weak that he can't be bothered fighting and killing personally.
  • He is using the players to train himself - or training the players in order for them - to face something stronger than himself. The Mysterious Crystal and Crystal Prisoner are probably forerunners of this greater evil, its scouts or minions, hence why Oryx has locked them up. Evil Versus Oblivion.

Who is the Crystal Prisoner, and what did it do to piss Oryx off?

What is The Shatters, and why does Oryx seem so afraid of it?
  • Its heavily implied that something horrible (implied to be the Forgotten King) is sealed there. Oryx possibly sealed him there out of fear.
  • The first two bosses in the Shatters might not only be trying to keep you out: they're trying to keep the Forgotten King in.
  • The Avatar's internal name is the Shatters Defense System. Perhaps Oryx created it to try and stop the entrance from being revealed?
  • The Steam Trading Card for the Avatar states that something in the Shatters (also implied to be the Forgotten King) once tried to take over Oryx's Realm. Maybe he was sealed there by Oryx as punishment.
  • The entire dungeon has a ruined look, but some of the scenery seems to suggest that it once was very grand. After all, the Forgotten King probably has a forgotten kingdom...

The Forbidden Jungle and Mixcoatl the Masked God have a connection to the Crystal Prisoner.
They have a similar colour scheme and appearance, especially the Basilisks. They both try to mess with your head, the Crystal Prisoner through lying and then his Doppelgänger Attack, the Forbidden Jungle through the Hallucinating status effect.
  • The AoE totems which Mixcoatl the Masked God attacks you with? They're not his to control. They're a defense grid trying to keep him contained, like the Mysterious Crystal holds the Crystal Prisoner. They activate shortly after he wakes up because they sense his activity.

Realm of the Mad God is (an alternate version of) the world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica After the End.
  • Oryx is a super-powerful Witch who managed to make the whole world, or most of it, into his Barrier/Labyrinth. The player characters are either all Magical Girls, or Kyubey has expanded his recruitment criteria. Quite possibly, with an uber-powerful Witch on a rampage destroying everything, EVERYONE has enough despair to be useful to him, not just prepubescent girls.