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Bass is the one responsible for kidnapping Dr. Wily and stealing his robots.
Just think about it: who else would go through all the trouble of doing all that? When you consider that Bass didn't get the chance to fight Mega Man for a while, it seems pretty logical that he'd have to do something pretty extreme to get his attention. So what better way to do that than taking over Dr. Wily's army of robots and cause a world-wide rampage? The proof is there, too; in the older version of the intro sequence, Wily's kidnapper's eyes are shown near the end of it and they're red (which, of course, happens to be Bass' eye color), not to mention that he's clearly goading Mega Man into stopping him. Finally, he is present on the game's official cover and has a bigger presence than everyone else on it.
  • In the trailer, the shadow figure who kidnaps Wily is quite clearly him.
  • Confirmed. Bass does indeed kidnap Dr. Wily and is actually one of the final bosses.
    • Technically so for the kidnapping due to being the proximal cause. The root cause is that Dr. Wily underestimated his own super-virus, so, in effect, Dr. Wily caused his own kidnapping.

The identity of Mega Man's rescuer in the ending
It couldn't be Proto Man due to his ending monologue. He hopes Rock "escaped"? That doesn't sound like someone who just carried the guy off to their creators' Lab. "Survives" would have been the term used if that were so.
On the other hand, Bass was also at hand, and is the only logical alternative (with Wily carting off Zero). In fact, his ending monologue sounds like the fruits of a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal.
So you think I no longer have a purpose? ... I'll make sure that he lives.
Given that Wily chose to carry Zero off, instead of Bass, it's likely that the monologue was directed at Wily, making the "he" Mega Man.
  • How does Mega Man enter Wily Stage 5? He falls in after the floor collapses. Who else fell in with him as it happened?

The reason Rock was inmune to the virus
it's because of Duo, According to Mega Phil X, the game takes place any time after the events of 7. It was originally going to occur after 9, and just like in 10 the reason behind the robot rebellion is because of a virus, it's possible that both viruses are derived from MM 8's evil energy, at the end of that game, megaman was attacked by the evil energy, and then saved by duo, this contact while he was purifying him somehow made him develop some sort of antivirus program that was adaptable enough to resist the variatianos created by willy, alternatevly, Dr. light was able to obtain some residual data from that energy and he developed the antivirus himself and installed it on rock in case he would need to face a similar treath, since protoman doesn't fully trust Dr. light to let him mess with his inner circuits, and roll is only a household robot not intended for combat, just like most robots around the world, they weren't vaccinated and therefore still vulnerable to the Zero Virus/Roboenza, and since Willy was trying to amplify the effects of the evil energy, it probably wasn't in his initial plans a way to damper said virus, making his robots just as vulnerable

Possible explanations for the weakness order of the Robot Masters
  • Nail Man weak to Nitro Blast: Nitro Blast bypasses his Nail Shield, and as nails are used for construction, the explosions are used for destruction.
  • Tank Man weak to Nail Shield: The nails are like spikes, damaging Tank Man's treads and wheels.
  • Jet Man weak to Comet Dash: In the postgame scenes, Comet Woman was shown racing against Jet Man, so the Comet Dash may be the only weapon able to outspeed him.
  • Glue Man weak to Yo-Yo Cutter: The Yo-Yo Cutter's sharp blades are sharp enough to sever even the glue's strong adhesive bonds.
  • Trinitro Man weak to Rainbow Beam: Trinitro Man's nitro-glycerin reacts explosively to any physical stimulus, however the Rainbow Beam is made of light and does not cause the same reaction due to being non-physical.
  • Rainbow Man weak to Glue Shot: As demonstrated with the light beam enemies in his stage, the glue blocks light from escaping, which would extend to Rainbow Man's light attacks.
  • Yo-Yo Man weak to Jet Missile: The missiles are able to precisely lock on to the weak points of Yo-Yo Man's yo-yos (most likely the axles) where other weapons would have more trouble hitting.
  • Comet Woman weak to Tank Arsenal: Being suited for space travel at high speeds, Comet Woman's body would be more lightweight and thus more easily overwhelmed by heavy artillery.
  • Yoku Man weak to Yoku Attack: Yoku Man assumed Mega Man would attempt to confront him prepared with a complete arsenal, therefore he has no major weakness to a Robot Master weapon. However, he was overconfident in his victory and that Mega Man would not be able to obtain his weapon, so he did not account for the possibility of being Hoist by His Own Petard.

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