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What is the Cossack Castle Stage 4 boss in the next demo release going be?
  • To continue the theme of bosses from the final stages of Mega Man X2 used as the bosses of Cossack's Castle, it will be Dr. Cossack using the patterns of Sigma.
    • Debunked. As of Version 0.01, the Dr. Cossack fight is finalized, but he doesn't fight like Sigma at all.

Gyro Man will become prominent in the Special Mode

It will be possible to get the Energy Splitter and save Eddie and Tango in a later release.
  • I mean, come on, what other way is there to get a perfect score?
    • Actually, the way to get the Perfect Score is not to get the Energy Splitter at all.

The game is canon, and it takes place right after Mega Man 4.
  • It makes so much sense!

Special Mode will either be...
  • An "Arena" boss rush, to go with the other endgame Kirby Super Star references.
    • The Mechanical Arena in .02, so kinda confirmed.
  • A playthrough with the choice of playing as other characters.
    • Can't play as other characters, but Mega Man can use the Cossack Robot Master powers in one of the Boss Rush modes.
  • A playthrough with even higher difficulty.
    • In addition with a different final boss. You fight Brain Wily in the same fashion as it was on the Hard route with Andross from Starfox 64. No holograms, but the real deal.
    • The configuration mode enables said play-through, but no Brain Wily.

Dr. Cossack will get his own boss theme in a later release.
  • It's a bit odd that the Disc-One Final Boss got saddled with the Cossack Fortress Boss theme, yet both Dr. Wily fights get their own themes.

An alternate way to get the Energy Splitter in a future release.
  • In Wily Stage 2, during the last portion of the stage before the boss, you could grapple Eddie with the wire before he flies away and bring him into the boss room with you. Eddie will end up being copied instead of Mega Man, and you can use the Recycle Inhaler on the copy to get the Energy Splitter without having to sacrifice the real Eddie.

A later version will include a New Game+.
  • Wouldn't it be awesome to start with all the items and play through all the stages with the Wily Buster?
    • Confirmed in the form of Extra Configuration! To play through any stage with the spoilered weapon, set the EXWP to "00001011" (that would be 0B in hex), and presto!

Gyro Man was the one who rescued Wily in the ending.
  • Think about it. When Mega Man was on the train going home with Wily at his side, a Prop-Top shows up near the end and takes Wily away. This same Prop-Top then appeared right at the end of the credits, knocking Beat and Eddie away, before morphing into a silhouette of Gyro Man. The Prop-Top has the same colour scheme as Gyro Man's; lime green. This means it could have been Gyro Man under a disguise who took Wily away.

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