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Sutter Cane didn't actually write the events of the movie.
While John Trent goes off the deep end after discovering that he is a fictional character written by Sutter Cane, he is only half right, and the truth is far worse: Sutter Cane is also a fictional character, written by an Eldritch Abomination to write the gateway into our world for its kind. This means that John Trent is a fiction written by a fiction, and his whole world is even less real than he thinks he's discovered.
  • According to The Other Wiki, Michael De Luca wrote it. Trent is the fictional being created by a fictional insane author who sold his soul and all of fictional reality to a fictional Eldritch Abomination all because of Michael De Luca, who proved thoroughly that The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You certainly swings both ways, if it exists at all. I wonder if Trent is aware of the existence of Sam Neill portraying/living out his life?
    • Interestingly, you can see the poster for the movie-within-the-movie when Trent goes to see it. It lists John Trent and Linda Styles, as if they themselves were the In-Universe actors portraying their characters...but it also lists John Carpenter as the director, suggesting he exists within the fictional world of the movie.