Fridge / In the Mouth of Madness

  • Fridge Logic: Why does David Warner's character say that he's working to get Trent "out of here," implying the asylum. We learn later in the film that Trent was sent there for straight-out murdering a fan on the street with an axe. The asylum is probably the best place he could be sent under these circumstances (innocent by reason of insanity). The only alternative is a lifetime in prison or maybe the death penalty.
    • If Trent isn't insane, then he isn't innocent either. Perhaps Warner's character just wants to see Trent stand trial.
    • Remember that Trent's whole existence is to be a character in the last book, and bring this book to everyone, this was the role that Sutter Cane had written for him, so he could explain his role in the book. The book is basically the movie and Trent is the way of it's deliverance.. haven't you noticed the world getting worse since the movie came out?
  • Fridge Horror: The entire movie.