Funny / In the Mouth of Madness

For its incredibly bleak premise, In the Mouth of Madness has quite a few humorous moments.

  • Trent fighting off the two orderlies, kicking one in the balls. It helps that this becomes a Running Gag for the next few minutes.
    Trent: Look, I'm sorry about the balls, it was a lucky shot, that's all!
    • And later:
    Dr. Wren: There's a guard with a pair of swollen testicles who swears you wanted out of here.
  • Trent declaring that he's not insane, and the inmates (one of them played by John Carpenter) doing likewise.
    Inmate #1: I'm not if he's not!
    Inmate #2: Me neither!
  • While trying to escape from Hobbs End, an ax-wielding mutant runs up to Trent, stops for a second, and shouts, "Fuck you!"
  • Mutant!Styles punching Trent in the face, and Trent punching back.
  • Anything but That!The Carpenters.