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Danny is alive.
After you've almost gotten Summer to tell you why he's at the Dusk, and admit that he plagiarized his first book from his gifted friend Alan, he'll shout about "That treacherous Dan!" who has been blackmailing him with that information. Summer is at the Dusk because 'Dan' told him to wait there. Who else do we know who's named Dan - and is shady enough to not be above a little blackmail and extortion?

(And why would they reuse the name if it weren't important? The only other time a name in Hotel Dusk has been duplicated is in the case of Bradley's deceased sister also being named Mila, which is a MAJOR PLOT POINT. This is important.

Did Danny send Summer to the dusk knowing he'd run into Louis - in the same way that Bradley guided Kyle there? And it's made even more interesting when you take into consideration the photos of Hotel Dusk characters that appear in Another Code R - Louie appears at the lake with his arm around an unknown man who fanon speculates is actually Martin Summer. This would give them a connection that hasn't been explored yet... and lead to a mindblowing, bittersweet reunion in the future.

Danny was a Vietnam veteran.

Look at what Louis is wearing around his neck through the whole game. It's definitely a pair of military dog tags - the rectangular/oval shape and the way one hangs below the other is a dead giveaway. The time frame suggests the Vietnam War (Danny was killed in 1979, definitely could have been around the right age), but not necessarily. And Since Louie seems more like the '"Run Away To Canada"' type, it's a pretty safe bet that they belong to someone very important to him, who he'd want to keep a memento of. Aww. Simultaneous Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and Tearjerker.

Also - look at Louie's old picture of him. Danny is wearing them in the picture- and Louie's wearing them now.

Dunning may have modelled his Angel Opening a Door on his missing daughter Jenny, but for story purposes, it's actually Kyle Hyde.
Compare the appearance of the angel to Jenny. Also, if I remember the plot correctly, that was Dunning's last work, something made in despair at the thought of losing his daughter. Makes sense that, with his thoughts on her, his hands should naturally create her. As to Hyde, note that we've got him listed as a messiah. To probably every single person in that hotel on December 28, 1979, but especially to Melissa Woodward, Mila Evans, and Dunning Smith, he's an angel. And note that the game is bookended by Hyde opening the hotel's doors...

The sequel, Last Window, isn't canon. it's a book, written by none other than Martin Summers!
Okay. According to sources at Red Crown, at some point, a book, called 'The Last Window', appears. It's written by Martin Summers. Also, remember the promise Martin makes to Kyle at the end of Dusk? "I shall model the protagonist after yourself!" Also, no characters Martin Summers did not/could not have known about return, according to the sources we have so far. (The only exception is Rachel. However, if Martin ever telephoned Red Crown to give Kyle a message, he would have been able to speak to her.) Martin would not know that Mila decided to stay with Kyle. He would not know about Bradley, either. Besides, it's hard to imagine Kyle not still chasing Bradley or abandoning Mila less than a year after the events of Dusk. It's almost impossible to imagine Kyle doing both in such little time.
  • Kyle gave up on the hunt for Bradley. By the events of Last Window, he already knows Bradley's motive.
  • Abandoning Mila? She went to art school in Seattle.
  • Please remember this theory was written before Last Window was released in English (possibly even before the Japanese release), and very little information about the game was actually available. But, yeah, totally jossed.

Kyle is in love with Bradley.
Why else would Kyle be so intent on finding him?
  • Go through the game and replace the name "Bradley" with a girl's name, in everything Kyle says, ever. Kyle either sounds like a creepy stalker, or a lovestruck hero. Either way, if the gender was reversed, it would read as an entirely straight romance. Ho Yay AHOOOOYYY!

A quick theory to cover the last dangling plot threads about Grace and Iris.
Okay, this might be official, actually. But it seems that when Grace had Dunning paint the picture for her, it was in order to sell it to Nile or perhaps just some other collector, which is where she got the money to pay off Kevin's malpractice suit. Further, it appears that Iris and Grace's mother was on the same plane that had been carrying Dunning and Robert Evan's wives (we'll assume these are three separate women, don't need to get into any Epileptic Trees). Coincidences abound in Hotel Dusk.

Kyle and Bradley are the same person.