WMG: Holy Musical B@man!

Candy is Poison Ivy
Let's see:
  • 1. They are both played by the same actress. I know it doesn't mean anything (every actor in the show had multiple roles), but it helps.
  • 2. Once Candy appears, we never see Ivy again. This was probably done for practical reasons, such as not having to remove Candy make-up.
  • 3. Earlier in the show, Ivy seems to get along really well with Sweet Tooth.
Joker isn't really dead
He's Just Hiding
  • I mean they don't call it Joker Immunity for nothing. He probably faked his death to, I don't know, take a vacation did up the corpse of a random schmuck to look like him and get fished up by the pier. It's likely he hired Sweet Tooth to fill the void in the evil power vacuum.
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