Funny / Holy Musical B@man!

  • If there was ever a song that could be considered Crowning Music of Funny, it would be "To Be a Man".
    "Fuck You! I'm gonna kick your ass!"
  • At the beginning, Superman says to the citizens of Gotham that Batman isn't that great. Insulted, what do they do? Take out there guns and try to shoot Superman. And they wonder why Gotham is the city with the highest crime rate in the world.
  • The fight between Superman and Batman which degenerates into pulling each other's pants down and Batman is temporarily replaced by a blow-up doll.
  • Alfred's paper-thin disguises.
    • Eventually culminating in the revelation that Alfred is also Spider-Man.
  • The Running Gag of Batman punching Meredith Stepien's characters in the face every time they're onstage together. This troper, who loves Meredith, still found it hilarious.
  • "'Villains of Gotham: FEAR ME!' It's signed... 'Bruce Wayne'! But then that's crossed out, and underneath is written... BATMAN!"
    • My favorite part of that is Nicholas Strauss' accent. "Fare me!"
  • "I'm Bat Wayne! I mean Bruce Man! FUCK!" Becomes even better when it becomes Batman's answering machine.
  • The puns. My God, the puns...
    • During "The Dynamic Duet," Batman thanks Robin for "[getting] me out of a... birdcage." Then he subtly shakes his head as if to say, "Nope, not my best."
    • Here's a compilation of all of Sweet Tooth's puns. It's seven minutes long.
      • The best pun isn't even in the show. For the post-show press conference, Jeff Blim kept a candy bar hidden in his costume jacket in case someone asked him a question he could use it on.
  • A short but still hilarious moment when Robin sees a dog. Just imagine dark, brooding Batman say this:
    Batman: Quickly Robin, PET IT.
  • This exchange:
    "Hello, this is Commissioner Gordon. You better have some good news."
    "Tonight will be a night... of terror!"
    "What? That's terrible news!"
  • "Now when I was writing Huckleberry Finn..."
  • Superman says his Rogues Gallery is a lot cooler than most people realize. Enter Mr. Mxyzptlk.
  • Evil Sherlock Holmes.
  • Two-Face attempts to leave the Rogues Gallery meeting in style. He fails.
    Two-Face: Catch you all on the flip-side. *flips coin, losing it* Oh no, my coin! That's okay! 'Cause I always carry... *produces another coin* two!
    Mr. Freeze: Get your broke ass out of here, Two-Face!
    • And before that, when the rogues mock Two-Face's plan to rob the second national bank of all two-dollar bills on February second:
      Two-Face: But you guys still haven't heard the part about the DOUBLE HOMICIDE!
  • Obama sounding like George Bush during the time of Clinton.
  • Superman and Green Lantern's debate over whether or not Batman deserves to be everyone's favorite superhero.
  • "Yo, Supes!" "What is it... Snoop Dogg?" "You've got a phone call, mothafucka!"
    • "And tell Wonder Woman that her eagle brassiere can be found on the floor or my bedroom. And that I saw her naked boobies HEY, Batman! It's Superman!"
  • When Green Lantern calls Superman Clark:
    Superman: You know my secret identity?
    Green Lantern: It's a secret?
  • THAT vat of boiling hot chocolate...that isn't even there.
  • Batman getting way too enthusiastic in his heavily-armed Bat-Plane.
    Bullet-Ridden Mobster: God help me, I'll never walk again!
    Batman: God's not up here...only BATMAN.
  • Superman constantly getting mistaken for Captain Marvel.
  • It's subtle, but you realize from the Penguin's reaction to Sweet Tooth's suggestion that the Rogues kill Batman that none of the Rogues had ever thought of that before.