Funny / Holy Musical B@man!

  • If there was ever a song that could be considered Crowning Music of Funny, it would be "To Be a Man".
    "Fuck You! I'm gonna kick your ass!"
  • The fight between Superman and Batman which degenerates into pulling each other's pants down and Batman is temporarily replaced by a blow-up doll.
  • Alfred's paper-thin disguises.
    • Eventually culminating in the revelation that Alfred is also Spider-Man.
  • The Running Gag of Batman punching Meredith Stepien's characters in the face every time they're onstage together. This troper, who loves Meredith, still found it hilarious.
  • "'Villains of Gotham: FEAR ME!' It's signed... 'Bruce Wayne'! But then that's crossed out, and underneath is written... BATMAN!"
    • My favorite part of that is Nicholas Strauss' accent. "Fare me!"
  • "I'm Bat Wayne! I mean Bruce Man! FUCK!" Becomes even better when it becomes Batman's answering machine.
  • The puns. My God, the puns...
  • A short but still hilarious moment when Robin sees a dog. Just imagine dark, brooding Batman say this:
    Batman: Quickly Robin, PET IT.
  • This exchange:
    "Hello, this is Commissioner Gordon. You better have some good news."
    "Tonight will be a night... of terror!"
    "What? That's terrible news!"
  • "Now when I was writing Huckleberry Finn..."
  • Superman says his Rogues Gallery is a lot cooler than most people realize. Enter Mr. Mxyzptlk.
  • Evil Sherlock Holmes.
  • Two-Face attempts to leave the Rogues Gallery meeting in style. He fails.
    Two-Face: Catch you all on the flip-side. *flips coin, losing it* Oh no, my coin! That's okay! 'Cause I always carry... *produces another coin* two!
    Mr. Freeze: Get your broke ass out of here, Two-Face!
    • And before that, when the rogues mock Two-Face's plan to rob the second national bank of all two-dollar bills on February second:
      Two-Face: But you guys still haven't heard the part about the DOUBLE HOMICIDE!
  • Obama sounding like George Bush during the time of Clinton.
  • Superman and Green Lantern's debate over whether or not Batman deserves to be everyone's favorite superhero.
  • "Yo, Supes!" "What is it... Snoop Dogg?" "You've got a phone call, mothafucka!"
    • "And tell Wonder Woman that her eagle brassiere can be found on the floor or my bedroom. And that I saw her naked boobies HEY, Batman! It's Superman!"
  • When Green Lantern calls Superman Clark:
    Superman: You know my secret identity?
    Green Lantern: It's a secret?
  • THAT vat of boiling hot chocolate...that isn't even there.
  • Batman getting way too enthusiastic in his heavily-armed Bat-Plane.
    Bullet-Ridden Mobster: God help me, I'll never walk again!
    Batman: God's not up here...only BATMAN.
  • Superman constantly getting mistaken for Captain Marvel.
  • It's subtle, but you realize from the Penguin's reaction to Sweet Tooth's suggestion that the Rogues kill Batman that none of the Rogues had ever thought of that before.