Heartwarming / Holy Musical B@man!

  • Robin and Batman's first meeting and subsequent night on patrol switches between this and Crowning Moment of Funny more times than one could count.
  • The song "Dynamic Duet" is cheesy, but in the most heartwarming way possible. Seeing Batman finally happy is enough to bring a tear to one's eye.
  • Batman checking the results of the Facebook poll... and it's a unanimous vote to save Robin. Even after he was the Scrappy to the people of Gotham, they decided that if Batman liked him, he couldn't be that bad.
  • Superman and Batman (and Robin) deciding that they should be... Super Friends.
  • Batman's pep talk to Superman, which pretty quickly turns in an Author Filibuster about how awesome Superman and all superheroes are. Why is Team StarKid so good at those?
  • The conversation with Penguin in Act 1.
    Penguin: What's the matter, Batman? Not a bird lover?
    Batman: On the contrary. There is one bird that I love. Very much.