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It's never coming back
The series lasted less than a year with a mere thirteen episodes, and it has only obtained the cult it has today thanks to the Internet, as it faded into near obscurity after it was Cut Short.

MTV will make new episodes in 2013
It would work good since the series ended in 2003 and Beavis And Butthead got to be brought back.
  • Jossed.

The Fraternity is behind the Clone High project.
The need for it is so they can build up their forces so they can take over other Earths...and Mr. B keeps saying Wesley because he saw a certain gunslinging assassin at work and he got scarred for life.

The Board reminds clones of how their predecessor died to control them.
The Grassy Knoll diner and the portrait of Lincoln being shot are just a couple of examples of strategically-placed "reminders" of how the clones' predecessors originally died. In addition, Joan seems acutely aware of the whole "burned at the stake" deal. The real reason there was a 38% chance of it happening again was actually because the Shadowy Figures use these as veiled threats to keep the clones in line. Mr. B was likely listing off a statistic regarding clones who were made an example of.

The clones aren't actually clones.
They're just test tube people that look kind of like historical figures.

If it ever does come back...
...the clones will be college-age by now, and it'll be called "Clone State".

If the show were to be revived it will either not be shown in India or have a bit of dialogue that will reveal that Gahndi is really a clone of Gary Coleman only in the Indian version
We shouldn't have to deal with that controversy if the Indian version has the "Gahndi was a clone of Coleman" idea.