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Class of the Titans takes place in the same universe as Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but in the future.
Eventually, Canada will become the center of the western world, the gods all move there, Pan returns using Grover's body, and, eventually, Kronos (Cronus) returns. This also explains why such complex technology is so readily available.
  • In addition, the seven heroes are also the seven half-bloods of Rachel's prophecy. Aside from being descended from heroes, they are also the direct children of gods.
    • Jay - son of Zeus
    • Atlanta - daughter of Hermes
    • Herry - son of Hercules
    • Odie - son of Athena
    • Archie - son of Ares
    • Theresa - daughter of Demeter (and her father descended from Rachel)
    • Neil - son of Aphrodite

New Olympia is actually Clone High. The heroes are not descendants of famous heroes, they are clones of them.
No idea who the gods are clones of, or how DNA samples of people who may not be historical were obtained, but it MUST be true.