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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Bravely Default
aka: Bravely Default Flying Fairy
The game will get a Vita port
  • I'm no Sonybrony, but it's likely seeing how the game's visuals appear to be designed with higher resolution in mind, and the Vita can also do AR.

Luxendarc is a future version of the Final Fantasy 1 world
Compare the map of Luxendarc to the map of Final Fantasy 1 on its side, and you notice several similarities. Perhaps Luxendarc is set in the future of Final Fantasy. Due to continental divide and shift, Cornelia/Provoka could easily have become the Caldisla region, Lufenia exists as Ancheim, Onrac as Florem, and the Crescent Lake area as Eisenberg. Likewise the Carida Islands could have become the Crescent Islands over time.
  • I thought it was a distant future version of Final Fantasy, or at least one of the main series games, too, it seems as if they've advanced from the crystals merely being crystals to actively using them. It's been long enough for a religion to form around the crystals, and for technology to advance and/or be rediscovered, and jobs seem to have changed from being... either innate abilities or whatever you trained for (whichever was the canon explanation) to mystical powers afforded by the asterisks. The game meshes well with the FF-verse, too, which isn't surprising considering it's the Spiritual Successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.

Square Enix knows about the Demo Villager bug.
They might have even intentionally created it. Not everyone is in the position for the Socialization Bonus. Carrying over 20 villagers from the demo is enough to unlock the village early for people patient enough. It sweetens the deal that people who use the villager bug may be thinking they're getting it "illicitly."

New Norende isn't fully on the physical plane.
You start rebuilding it before you even plug up the giant hole crater that sucked in Old Norende. Not to mention, you only see it in your menu; it's not on the world map. It's even there when you move to each Alternate Universe or if you choose at the same level of completion in New Game+. It's like Traverse Town. Especially since people from Alternate Universe (ie, the Internet, or Streetpass) can join and help rebuild; it's actually a spiritual dimension closer to the world of the gods. Our World.
  • The Nemesis Ba'ali are coming from the hole that sucked in old Norende. It's a crack in reality in the hole left by the Pillar of Light/Norende Hole. And Outside is very....hungry. Fortunately, the Ba'ali can't actually attack the spiritual residents; they can only fight a crew attuned to both the spiritual plane and the physical. Your party.

To quote a post I made on another forum, both are/were heavily based on Final Fantasy, then distanced from the series later on (SD 1, or Final Fantasy Adventure, was called Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden, while BD was reworked into a new IP during production), and will likely be further distanced from the series in later games. Not sure if that means Bravely Default is eventually going to get a remake that removes most of the Final Fantasy influences, though.

There are multiple Airys
. The Big Bad created multiple versions of Airy to send throughout the multiple Luxendarc rather than there just being a single one. Similar to the Maenads from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light the Airys are clones sent to awaken the multiple crystals, and 'Airy"s sister' was just one of the many Airys, only this one went renegade.
  • Partly Jossed but also partly confirmed. It's implied during the final boss fight that the other worlds that assist you had to fight Airy as well. However, Airy's sister has a different look and voice, as well as wing pattern.
  • That doesn't mean that they'd all look 100% identical. In all of the worlds where an "Airy" traveled, the outcome was either a) her killing the party and moving to another world to repeat the process or b) her being killed by the party as the Normal/False ending shows, but with Ouroboros's plan still not derailed for good. The party that you control is the only one to break that cycle, due to influence from Airy's "sister" who at some point betrayed her master but whether this is out of genuine concern about the fate of the worlds or for her own ends is not certain.

Specifically awakening the crystals is what screwed the world over
As in, going the whole five yards or whatever. Simply breaking off the darkness on the crystal would be enough to restore its power.
  • Confirmed, somewhat. Awakening the crystals seems to have no effect on the present world, but causes the next world in line to experience the darkening of the crystals and formation of the Great Chasm.
    • Also in (at least one of) the endings we see Agnes awakening the crystals again, though it's safe to assume that it's a partial awakening compared to what Airy had her doing.

The Crystals are the physical manifestation of a healthy world's Life Stream
Crystals contain knowledge, experience, prayers, and emotions of the people in the world. The Life Stream in FF 7 is more or less the same thing. I posted a fridge logic that points out that Asterixs are basically Job Materia made from the Crystals (which are the source of jobs prior to the creation of asterixs). By this logic I propose that in FF 7 we see what happens to the Life Stream when the world's Life is weak and sickly. Under normal circumstances the Life Stream would have formed natural Crystals but Shinra constantly draining the Life Stream stopped the Crystals from forming properly. At some point in the past FF 7's world destroyed their crystals for some reason and they were never able to reform.

Both endings were required to beat the True Final Boss.
Good guys in the know gave just enough information for party to have a 50/50 chance of choosing to break a crystal. Having one timeline "shielded" from Oroboros prevented it from just doing a One-Hit Kill Total Party Kill on the planet on the other timeline that is attacking him.
  • Fridge Brilliance here, in game, Brave and Default are two different things. To Brave is to lunge and spend momentum ( IE, not breaking a crystal and attacking Oroboros head-on) and to Default is to hold back and gain momentum ( To break a crystal and create a dimensional defense from Oroboros.) Only a split timeline can Bravely/Default at the same time. This is why Lord DeRosso and Sage Yulyana are equally accepting of either choice made by the party in each ending. It is also why both endings are required to get The Stinger.

Wa didn't sink. It was transported to the moon.
Hence Magnolia Arch's naginata.

The trapped character in The Stinger is an Artificial Human.
Either a homunculus of the original Tiz; or else had his life-force replaced with alchemy to keep him alive. He was in one of Victor/Vincent's Alchemical People Jars.
  • The scientists say that his "cerebral dysrhythmia" has stabled out. Those were the seizures that Victoria had.

The Stinger takes place centuries in the future.
Its after Praying Brage which is two centuries after Bravely Default. The easiest way not to contradict anything would be after that.
  • There's also Magnolia's odd phrasing; "You get to live in the same era as me, you lucky dog!" Era?

Breaking the Crystals works similar to how it happens in Final Fantasy V
The machinery in Karnak and Walz hit just the right level of synchronisation to force the Crystals to put out more power than their physical structure could withstand, much like how Agnes can "over"-awaken them to shatter them. As the ending of FFV shows, the Crystals did eventually regenerate in that world too.

Airy's sister will play a bigger part in the sequel and so will her true form.
Since, in the event viewer her stinger scene is named "Reunion Promise", and the fact she says "farewell for now", this is almost guaranteed. If she is an ally, she will either be ashamed of her true form(s) or use them to help.

The next Bravely game will have one of the fan favorite members from each of the job groups be a bonus boss...
With good ole' That Person's Name Is... returning with them. OP predicts Barras, Khint, Einheria, Praline, and De Rosso.

Bravely Second will involve Time Travel as a plot element.
If The Stinger does take place in the future, like one of the above guesses suggests, then it's possible that the first part of the game will revolve around getting Tiz back to his own time. Multiple worlds are a staple of the old-school Final Fantasy games that the Bravely series seeks to emulate, after all. The game will be spent jumping between the future world and the world of the first game, solving some new problem which has arisen, and reuniting with old allies.

Characters and Jobs from Praying Badge will be incorporated in Bravely Second
Though some of them may be in different contexts. This will inevitably lead into some Marth Debuted in Smash Bros. moments
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