WMG: Brave Frontier

Lario (the Earth archer) has a sidekick.
He's red, possibly Fire-Elemental and is named Muigi.

Claris is a Time Lord.
I mean, it is in the name.

Alternatively, Claris isn't the Time Lord.
The cat that is with her is, lending her its power.

The last of the Four Fallen Gods
isn't Afla Dilith. The next set of quest is to find out who is the real last member as well as the mystery of the Red Herring.

Future Units Predictions
Write your ideas on new units here!
  • Elemental Triumphs
    • Take in a form of a playing card, they are evolution units exclusive to Rare Summon
    • They are only needed to be used once to evolve common units so that they can have excess to up to 6 starred forms.
    • Elemental Slimes and Liza's batch will gain their 4-6 star forms all at once!
  • Other 7-star units
    • Dia's batch will be the one for those wanting Rainbow Teams.