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He's red, possibly Fire-Elemental and is named Muigi.

Claris is a Time Lord.
I mean, it is in the name.

Alternatively, Claris isn't the Time Lord.
The cat that is with her is, lending her its power.

The last of the Four Fallen Gods
isn't Afla Dilith. The next set of quest is to find out who is the real last member as well as the mystery of the Red Herring.
  • Jossed. Afla Dilith is still the last member, and the subsequent quests afterwards are Stopping Lucius from closing the Grand Gaia gates followed by the Ishgria saga.

Future Units Predictions
Write your ideas on new units here!
  • Elemental Triumphs
    • Take in a form of a playing card, they are evolution units exclusive to Rare Summon
    • They are only needed to be used once to evolve common units so that they can have excess to up to 6 starred forms.
    • Elemental Slimes and Liza's batch will gain their 4-6 star forms all at once!
      • The latest update in Japanese server brings in the Slimes' 3 star form...with stats on par with 6 star units after being maxed. So, half-confirmed?
    • To be used by the Social Outliers to gain access to their 5-7 star forms.
  • 7-star legacy
    • Dia's batch will be the one for those wanting Rainbow Teams.
      • Jossed in that old units are not released in unit groups.
    • Falma and Grafl, achieved by evolving Sky God Falma using Sky Emperor Grafl as an evolution material.
  • Alma's mother and Hogar's wife. It is said that their family was Badass Family. Seeing how strong Alma and Hogar were, there's no doubt that the mother/wife was strong too.
    • She's secretly a low-ranked god who is ranked 5-7 stars. She's also going to be in the same batch as Mega's official wife / Lucina's mother.
  • Mock Units for Noel (the Trial manager), Sera (the administrator girl), Elise (the Raid manager), and Ark. Preferably as HR rewards.
    • As of this update, all but Noel have gotten their Mock Units. Ark is a completion reward of Trial 007, while Elise and Sera are completion rewards of Noah and Elise's Grand Quest.
  • 8-stars!
    • The Six Heroes Came Back Strong! They may also serve as in-game NPCs.
      • Other 7-star units will be involved in evolving them. For example, Vargas needs Lava, Selena needs Lucina, Lance needs Altro's 7-star etc.
    • Basically, anyone who survives in their 7* lores.

Connection with Best Fiends
  • They both are similar in both gameplay and title initials, plus that the first five heroes from Best Fiends are like the Six Heroes from Brave Frontier.

The other three Six Armors...
Place your bets here!
  • Lilith: She was created by the same people who also made Six Armors. Herself being one of them wouldn't be a surprise.
  • Lafdranya
  • Darvan's armor: Steel Shield Darvan's flavor text has Douglas explaining to him that his armor was from another world. So...
  • Will's armor: Because Will is not Memetic Badass enough!
  • Nevsky's armor
  • New units altogether
    • Ironically Jossed; 2 of them had been old units all along, and the third one serves as an in-game boss.
  • NO2, NO3 and NO4 are Water, Earth and Thunder elementals respectively who are with Reeze's Not Quite Dead brother.
    • Reeze herself is NO3, and while Beiorg's number is unknown, Reis successfuly found it and stayed with it.

Rashil created Fused Demon Garnes.
Think about it. The accident that caused Rashil to get exiled is never elaborated upon. And his background is a bit contradictory:

  • Why would a mage who was researching about healing lightning magic could bring such a disastrous accident?
  • And why would he approach and become such a Teacher's Pet to Garnan, who was an engineer and a researcher of otherworldly technology?

Rashil probably knew about his old friend Shida's super-soldiers program and wanted to try it himself...in his own twist: combine some magical plants with his own self-developed enhancer machine. He made it Dark-elemental as a nod to Shida, and named it "Garnes" to honor his mentor Garnan.

But it failed.

Garnes turned out to be stronger than he had anticipated. And the facility, along with Garnes, had to be sealed. The loss of the facility, along with the resources it took to make Garnes, probably made the government angry and finally exiled Rashil.

This theory is very flawed and slightly defies the lore. But this might explain why Rashil is very obsessed with Lilith's technology: She's a living and perfectly-working proof of what he was trying to achieve, and he wants to know how.

Predictions for next Trials
Predict who will get their numbered Trials, EX Trials, or Global-exclusive Trials!
  • Grahdens EX
    • Confirmed, and he will team up with Owen instead.
  • Tilith EX
  • Paris EX
    • Confirmed
  • Noah, Elise, and Owen EX
    • Owen will team up with Grahdens in the upcoming EX Trial.
  • every Ishgria's Eight Demon Lords
  • Gazia
    • Confirmed

Ophelia's diary
Some of the Twelve Guardians' lores mention a diary that has a happy ending for the Guardians, and Ophelia's lore mentions that the diary was hers. The truth is, all of the Guardians except Signas and Zephyr died during the conflict. Whatever happened to the diary's contents?
  • Ophelia survived and wrote the aftermath as it was, but she wrote it in delusion before she's Driven to Suicide.
  • Ophelia survived and wrote the aftermath as it was, but some gods found out about her location, killed her, and modified the diary's contents to cover the truth behind the conflict.
  • Ophelia died during the conflict, and the "happy ending" that she wrote was the last thing she wrote as her wish for the outcome before she headed towards the battlefield.
  • The "happy ending" did happened, but before things turned 180 degree, Ophelia was killed and could not finish the diary.
    • Confirmed.

Nevsky is the personification of Guiding Light
Nobody ever knows or sees Nevsky prior to the Great Escape. His Boss Subtitles in his Vortex dungeon is "Guided by White Light". And Guiding Light's flavor text mentions that it began to emit a "mysterious shine" after Lucana received the gods' revelation. Nevsky's buff-wiping attack in GGC? "Mysterious Shine".

As for why Eru knew who he might be if this theory is correct, it's either Eru mistook him for Magress, or the Guiding Light changed its voice to be that of someone close to him.

If Status Quo Is God regarding Firedrakes being the only fire dragons who can fly,
Then Grazool, (Dia's dragon) and Aisha's dragon do not originate from Grand Gaia. Dia's grandmother found Grazool as an egg when she use dark arts and opened a portal to another world, possibly Ishgria. Meanwhile, Aisha's dragon was transported from another world and was injured in the process.

Stya is Lucina's childhood boogeyman.
When Lucina was a child, Mega (or grandpa Verica) told her bedtime stories of a mean, female pirate who will go after naughty children.

Sometime happened to Dia's parents that caused her grandmother to move out of the Atharva Republic in the first place.
As a famous sorceress, Dia's grandma is bound to have a nasty reputation for using the dark arts. Those who don't like her for her witchcraft could only attack her by proxy—burning Dia's parents at the stake. Dia's grandma could do anything with affirming their accusations, so she had to take her surviving toddler granddaughter with her as she moves to another region, and try to be more discreet on her reputation as her sorceress.