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Richie and Eddie are Rick and Vyvian
At some point after The Young Ones, Rick and Vyvian are part of a witness protection scheme and change their names, Vyvian loses his hair or shaves it off after getting over his punk stage. This explains why their voices and personalities are very similar.
  • It also explains Eddie's last name. Only Vyvian would knowingly take the surname Hitler.
  • It seems more likely they take on new identities after having robbed a bank and being on the run.

Guest House Paridisio Richie and Eddie is the same Richie and Eddie as of Bottom.
As part of the protection program, their names were changed. And the 'one bird' mentioned in 'S Up is Gina Carbonara from the film. During the events of their European tour, they wind up broke and end up having to live in Richie's aunt's flat.