Heartwarming / Bottom

  • Considering it's a show mainly about two repugnant perverts beating the crap out of each other, the episode "Holy" manages a brief moment of heartwarming when the main characters discover a baby left on their doorstop on Christmas Day and briefly pull together to try and make sure he has a happy Christmas. Of course, this eventually leads to Richie deciding that the baby is the Second Coming, deciding that he is the Mother of God and consequently going a bit mad with power, but for a moment you sense a brief moment of humanity in these otherwise horrible characters.
  • It's a bit iffy, but during The Movie, Richie helps a runaway bride actress named Gina with her zip, while she reflects on what a nice place this crappy hotel is, and she brushes his cheek and says gently, "You're a very sweet man." Richie seems genuinely touched by this statement, and becomes so happy that he falls right out of the window.
  • Near the end of the first live show where Richie is about to be killed on an electric chair-like lavatory, Richie says thank you to Eddie for being his only friend despite all their arguments and fights. Eddie looks like he's about to cry, but immediately goes back to setting up the lavatory.
  • A more meta example is how close Rik and Ade were in real life. Whenever one of them accidentally hurt the other during one of the live stage shows, the other's reaction was to instantly check that they were alright.