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The Dingoes are really space alien carnivorous bunnies from another world:
  • No regular dingo has floppy ears like they do, so maybe....
  • They were apparently intelligent enough life forms that they caught on to English quickly and decided to fake Australian accents to blend in.

The whole extraordinary excursion in season 2 was just a really vivid nightmare Miss Magpie had

The dingo family's father suffered a horrible death that was witnessed by Danny as a pup and since then, Danny had a downhill spiral to a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Alternately, Danny Dingo IS the father of the dingo family and is therefore married to Ma Dingo.
    • Alternately to that, Meatball is the father and suffered some head trauma that made it easier to pass him off as an older brother. This is also why he wears the hat.

Dogs from Blinky Bill and lost puppy is same as from Blinky Bill movie

Miss Magpie's classroom is a special education classroom
  • Blinky Bill and Splodge Kangaroo have ADHD. Blinky is very hyper, Splodge is more distractible.
  • Marcia the marsupial mouse has Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Flap Platypus and Shifty Dingo have mild Asperger's Syndrome. Flap isn't the most empathic character in the show and he's really into food while Shifty is socially awkward, physically clumsy, scared of loud noises and very shy.
  • Nutsy is the student aide
  • Ruff the lizard is a Flat Character but he has OCD.

Daisy Dingo is working for Blinky Bill in "Blinky Bill and the Film Star"
  • Blinky's plan is to replace Daisy as the leading lady in the bank robbery "scene", so that he can stop Danny.
  • Daisy could easily maul Blinky if he tried to do something like capturing her and taking her place. She could easily intimidate Blinky's entire gang into running away if they tried to gang up on her.
  • Ma explains the robbery the night before. Daisy is not known to be stupid, and wouldn't have easily forgotten that it was a real bank robbery the next day.
  • Daisy just storms out of the whole robbery plot over one of Danny's insubstantial insults. Danny, Daisy, and Meatball are portrayed as adults who still live at home. Danny is Daisy's brother, so she shouldn't be so easily set-off by his comments by this point in time.
    • Thus, Daisy could be fooling Danny with "bad acting" and a "diva tantrum". This would imply that she's actually a good actor.
  • Blinky's "actress" outfit resembles the dress that was in Daisy's dressing room. She might have lent it and the makeup to him.
    • This troper recalls Blinky grabbing it when he went snooping around in the scene before Daisy's "diva tantrum".
    • It's possible that Daisy doesn't actually want to be part of a bank robbery at this point in the season, as part of a slow Heel–Face Turn.
  • Blinky and his gang are more along the lines of rivals of the Dingos rather than enemies with them. As such, they may be willing to cut a deal with Daisy to convince her to go along with their plot, instead.
    • Daisy seems to be Cool Big Sis, with some cases of vanity and condescension. It's possible she knows by this point in the season Danny's schemes revolve around Danny, so she doesn't see any benefit for herself in continuing with this scheme.

Nutsy must have had a terrible relationship with his mother
  • In Mother´s Day episode Nutsy say, she don´t relly know her. That when tells the daughter about mom that's strange. But his father knows as soon as he sees it, while his mother and father had lost at the same time. It is very strange