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Fanfic Recs: Blinky Bill
  • Fanfic Name: Scars are Forever
    • Reccommended by: Canzet Yote (the fanfics' author)
    • Synopsis: After Splodge's dingo-hating cousin Jeromy arrives in Greenpatch, will the dingo family be broken apart as we know it? 7 chapters.
    • Pairings: Shifty Dingo X Nutsy, in a hurt/comfort sort of fashion with some Sickeningly Sweethearts thrown in for good measure.
    • Notes: Rated M. Contains a rather brutal torture scene in the 3rd chapter, one of the main characters dies in the final chapter. Also the OC main villain Jeromy is a Complete Monster. Dark Fic so read at your own risk. Blinky Bill fanfics are extremely hard to come by on the internet, so I decided to write one. I'm working on others but they are too short and rather rushed to be worthy of Fanfic Recs.
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