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Morning Land is actually a form of purgatory.
All the eggs in morning land are actually souls, needing to be escorted through Morning Land (a.k.a. purgatory), so they can be reincarnated (hatched), with the fruit acting as purification for the soul's sins. Billy and his friends are actually spirits tasked with guiding them safely through to be reincarnated. In order for the process to work properly though, the land has to be initially purified (in the form of bringing morning). When a soul is sucessfully 'reborn', as a thanks for guding it, it leaves behind a gift in the form of something to help, with the larger gifts (like animals and mounts) coming from those who have had to spend longer being guided/having their sins absolved. As for the chicks and chickens, they're a mix of souls who've stayed in order to help guide others to be reborn, and those who need more time before they can pass on, starting off as chickens, then regressing into chicks, and when they are ready to go - eggs. The Egg Spirits on the other hand, are souls who've dedicated their existence to caring for the Giant Egg, which acts as a local deity/ruler of Morning Land. As for the crows, they are forms of temptation trying to hinder the soul's development, to stop is sucessfully passing through.

Humans are aware of Morning Land's existence.

It seems that in the world of Billy Hatcher (aka: the Human World) people are aware that there's a world called Morning Land, or at least it they know that the chickens have something to do with the sun rising everyday and that the crows are evil creatures. Why? if you look closely in the opening cutscene you can see that thare are a lot of items relating to chickens such as

  • The rooster weather vane over Billy's house.
  • Bantam's Egg watcher.
  • and Im pretty sure that the "E" on Billy's shirt stands for "Egg".

So it seems like either they seem sega loves to make puns, or the people there like to praise these animals; there's also the fact that when the baby chick appeared no one seemed to act surprised to see an oversized chick wearing diapers. Instead Billy knew right away that it was the crows' fault.

Something big happened 100 years ago.

In the game, Menie-Funie and some elders will give away hints that something happened 100 years ago, for example:

  • The clock at Circus Park: Menie-Funie tells Billy that the clock has never stopped moving since 100 years ago.
  • Dark Raven: Allani describes Dark Raven as a dark king that rebirths every 100 years.
  • The Ancestors: I dont remember who said it but I know that some Elder said that the chicken elders from the past sealed the Giant egg at the giant palace 100 years ago.
    • That would also kinda explain the sunken ships in Pirate's Island.

The Legendary Rooster Suit is actually NOT that legendary.

Menie-Funie describes it as the LEGENDARY Rooster suit, meaning that there must be only one of it. Thou Rolly, Bantam and Chick are wearing rooster suits too, so what's the point of being so legendary?

  • Maybe Chick's, Rolly's and Bantam's suits are actually expansions of Billy's suit; remember when Billy first got his suit? he was surrounded by 3 lights, once the transformation was completed, the lights didn't faded but they just flied away, I guess those lights went to where Billy's friends were.

Menie-Funie is not a God.

He calls himself the one who watches over Morning Land, in Sonic & Sega all-stars racing he's refered as "Chicken King" and honestly, for being a God Menie doesn't seem to have a lot of knowledge about his own world, most of his hints are just speculations like "I've heard that there's an emblem somewhere in this place" so...either Menie is actually a king somehow watching over the heavens or he's just a very clueless God.

Morning Land is more complicated than it seems.

  • Forest Village: More like the "village beetwen the forest" if you look closely. The village was actually build over HUGE ancient tree trunks, you can see that below there are more trees that go far beyond your sight. Maybe the forest that lies below is the only path to the beach that leads to Pirate's Island.

  • Dino Mountain: Upon closer inspection you can see that the whole zone seems to be like in a giant cave, probably is that the stage actually takes place INSIDE the volcano.

  • Blizzard Castle: In Sonic & Sega all-stars racing, Blizzard Castle is described as a place that was "build around a volcano" which is surely to be Dino Mountain, so...why is a place so cold around a zone that is always heating? maybe the volcano's heat causes alterations in the weather.

  • Circus Park: The place apparently seems to be floating up in the sky, but that just would kill the purpose of Giant Palace being up high in the sky. Upon closer inspection, you can see that Circus park was build over a cliff that goes up above the clouds.

  • Giant Palace: It actually looks more like a medieval fortress rather than a palace, it doesn't look big enough to be a palace and less if its a GIANT palace, besides you never get to see the inside, cept for a few rooms.

  • General: Each stage seems to represent each element used in the game:

    • Forest Village - Wind.
    • Pirate's island - Water.
    • Dino Mountain - Fire.
    • Blizzard Castle - Ice.
    • Circus Park - Thunder.
    • Sand Ruins - Earth.
    • Giant Palace - Light.

Crows are actual soldiers with specified ranks.

Crows come in different categories which seem to divided in 3: 3rd,2nd and first rank crows

  • 3rd Rank crows: the minions, they usually dont represent a treat and can be eliminated with one blow.
  • 2nd Rank crows: the big dudes, some seem to be bigger versions of the minions, they usually wear a black spiked collar with the crow emblem on it and dark blue/black clothing.
  • 1st rank crows: the bosses, they're big beings composed by a bunch of little crows which disipate when the boss is defeated.

Dark Corvo and dark Raven fall into a different category, something like "superior rank crow"

Dark Corvo is actually a girl.

ok this may be a bit exagerated but its quite confusing to figure if Corvo is actually a dude or a dudette, why?

  • Dark corvo's armor only protects its chest
  • upon closer inspection, seems that its cheeks are red

wether if is true or not that Corvo is a female, well, this game kinda lacks female NPCs.

Corvo is not dead.

This one is pretty famous and the reason of why some think that if there's a sequel, Dark Corvo will be the main antagonist, in all crows boss fights, after the boss' defeat it dissipates into a group of small crows. However Corvo didn't dissipated, he just entered into a hole that appeared in the ground and faded away, so the answers may be...

  • Corvo summoned a portal and ran away.
  • unlike the rest of the bosses, Corvo is not a group of crows merged into one being but instead Corvo IS a crow by his own like Dark Raven, so that's why his death animation is different.
  • Corvo ran away but he died once Billy defeated Dark Raven.

    • I got the impression that Dark Corvo was the one who conglomerated the Crows together to form the bosses, as he can summon their essences and attack through them. That is, when the Crows first invaded, there was Dark Raven, Dark Corvo, and the minions. Dark Corvo had some spell that could merge a lot of the minion birds together to form a hive-minded mass-organism (much like Portuguese man-o-wars) that resembled other creatures and were far stronger than the minions. Dark Corvo had time (or the capacity) to create five of them and sent them out to conquer the Morning Town districts, leaving Sand Ruin for himself.

Raven is not dead.

We all saw how Billy defeated Raven by crushing his heart using an egg. But... didn't Allani said that Raven is a being that rebirths every 100 years, meaning that even if he dies, he'll come back? or maybe crushing his heart will broke the rebirth cycle forever?

Raven is actually Swain.

Rainbow Gate is not the only way to Giant Palace.

The Rainbow Gate is supposed to be the only path to that place so, how did the crows got there before Billy? flying? then what's the point of the rainbow gate exactly? Maybe there's an alternate path that the chickens are unaware of.

The Giant Egg is something completely different.

Well, we know its an egg...and honestly not THAT giant (it looks bigger in the map than in the actual stage) and that it holds great power and that it can grant any wish, but that's about it. It was never explained what's the real purpose of it, and why does something like that exist knowing that it can fall into the wrong hands?

  • Maybe it holds something important for the existence of Morning Land?
  • Or maybe its similar to the "arceus theory" and that the whole universe hatched from that egg and the power left is sealed withing Giant Palace.

Billy is an orphan.

Even when running out from his house, there are no hints of his parents being around, he must be taking care of himself.

The Red Rails were actually sabotaged by the crows to impede Billy's progress
Why else would the perfectly-sized/bigger eggs fall through them?

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