YMMV / Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

  • Breather Boss: Saltim is much easier that the boss before him, although his level (unlike the first level of Circus Park) also seems easier and more straightforward than previous levels.
  • Breather Level: The second level of Circus Park compared to the rest of Circus Park is easier, theres not as much hard platforming that made the first level of Circus Park hard it mainly has straighforward fighting enemies in it, it's also ridiculous that the second level also has the game's easiest boss in it.
    • Likewise, the third level of Blizzard Castle (where the objective is to make the head of a snowman), is relatively simple, takes place in a small area, and doesn't feature many enemies. It comes as a welcome relief after Moles.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Well, this is a Sonic Team game, so awesome music's a given. "Billy's Courage", full of creepy breakbeats, harp strums and a choir of children. This can cause the final boss to become even worse Nightmare Fuel for some.
  • Cult Classic: While the game didn't exactly light the sales charts on fire, the game still has a dedicated following with some Sega fans clamoring for Sega to make a sequel.
  • Ear Worm: "Tumbling Xylophone", heard in Forest Village during the daytime.
  • Fridge Logic: The crows, diurnal birds with horrible night vision, want to bring about a world of eternal darkness?
  • Nightmare Fuel: The final boss battle music is basically a darker version of the main theme. What really sets it into this territory is that the children that sing the main theme are now ominously chanting in this one.
  • That One Attack: Most of Dark Corvos attacks arent too tricky to dodge but when he summons the Saltim shadow clone and when Dark Corvo clones himself and attacks you is when it really gets difficult.
  • That One Boss: Moles the walrus, he first starts by ice skidding towards you which is easy to doge but then he rolls into a sphere of ice, and very rapidly starts bouncing around the room, and this attack is very unpredictable, also to make matter worse every time he hits a wall, small ice spheres appear and start bouncing around the room with him, eventually he will stop and allow you to hurt him but those ice spheres are still bouncing around, and while your focusing on hurting him, those ice spheres can hit you, stunning you for a second, and he will repeat this process for the whole fight.
    • Dark Corvo the crow sorcerer is even worse, a lot of his attacks are extremely hard to dodge, for example his shadow clone of Glur shoots homing bouncy balls, his Saltim clone rapid fires bombs at you, which are very hard to dodge, also when Dark Corvo clones himself and attacks you, he attacks at high speed, and there is no clue as to which is the real one, and if you don't hit the right one fast enough he will repeat the attack, it is especially painful that Dark Corvo comes after one of the hardest levels in the game. He's so hard that the game actually warns you he's gonna be hard, and this is a hard game!
    • Let's just say Dark Raven earned the right to be the Final Boss of this incredibly hard game.
  • That One Level: Mission 1 of Circus Park can seriously drive you mad. For those who don't know, you have to hatch a Golden Egg (Which will be destroyed in one hit from a crow attack/hazard), through a narrow area with fire, red rails, spinning and giant cat crows with very little fruits to grow the egg without killing said crows. Oh, and to make matter worse, The Egg will usually FALL THROUGH THE RAILS IF YOU TRY TO DO THE LEVEL LEGITIMATELY, The only saving grace is that you can bypass the glitchy rails by riding them like a blue one via jumping onto them, but still.
  • Toy Ship: It seems a decent amount of people in the fandom like the idea of Billy and Rolly. Sadly, the only thing that gave any kind of Ship Tease was a 2 second clip in the opening cinematic.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: If not a Crapsaccharine World, it could be inferred that this game is an example of this trope, as it was Dark Corvo who summoned the Crows to Morning Land in the first place. Also, it was purely the intention of Dark Raven to plunge Morning Land into eternal night.