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The Martian Rats used to be a slave caste for the Mice before the Plutarkian invasion
Ever wondered why the Rats in the original series worked for the Plutarkians and remained such even after their masters' defeat?
  • Good theory. It would also explain why Modo objects so much to being called a rat.
    • That could be because the Rats are the enemy and seen as traitors, not just because they used to be slaves.

The Martians are the descendants of the mutated survivors of the Silver Millennium, and worship Sailor Mars as a goddess
I just love the image of Sailor Mars on a bike leading an horde of Biker Mice into battle.

The Biker Mice destroyed Limburger Plaza Once per Episode to bankrupt him with the reconstruction costs
Assuming they didn't get rid of him another way, they would still defeat him in the long run.

Limburger stays away from Detroit because RoboCop is there
Napoleon Brie has been successful for a while because he bought off what remained of OCP and managed to re-apply the Prime Directives to RoboCop during a maintenance cycle, but at some point Robo wiped them out and Brie was barely able to escape with his life... Just as Limburger expected.