[[WMG: The Martian Rats used to be a slave caste for the Mice before the Plutarkian invasion]]
Ever wondered why the Rats in the original series worked for the Plutarkians and remained such even after their masters' defeat?
* Good theory. It would also explain why Modo objects so much to being called a rat.
** That could be because the Rats are the enemy and seen as traitors, not just because they used to be slaves.

[[WMG: The Martians are the descendants of the mutated survivors of the [[Franchise/SailorMoon Silver Millennium]], and worship Sailor Mars as a goddess]]
I just love the image of Sailor Mars on a bike leading an horde of Biker Mice into battle.

[[WMG: The Biker Mice destroyed Limburger Plaza OncePerEpisode to bankrupt him with the reconstruction costs]]
Assuming they didn't get rid of him another way, they would still defeat him in the long run.

[[WMG: Limburger stays away from Detroit because Franchise/RoboCop is there]]
Napoleon Brie has been successful for a while because he bought off what remained of OCP and managed to re-apply the Prime Directives to [=RoboCop=] during a maintenance cycle, but at some point Robo wiped them out and [[CurbStompBattle Brie was barely able to escape with his life]]... [[GenreSavvy Just as Limburger expected]].