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Squibs are hermaphrodites.
  • I dunno, they just seem like that sort of species.
Squib's encounter with the burgundy squib in Revealations (Part 2) has left one or both expecting.
The entire series is an allegory for how people of different races/religions/etc. can still be friends.
  • While the original Batman is a DC Comics character, the original Spider-Man is a Marvel Comics character. Baman Piderman has set out to prove that people of two different, even warring, groups can still be best friends.
Baman and Piderman are actually shape-shifters.
  • They're both from a race of sentient but simplistic shape-shifters that inhabits another plane of existence. They're in their current forms because they've seen into our dimension and become big superhero fans. Everyone in that world—Tuba, the squibs, the basement monsters, Pumkin, Boss, the bug, Pizza Portal, Tuba's Dad, everyone—is a shape-shifter. The landscape is barren because as shape-shifters they can warp reality to whatever they want and have made it that way.
    • The Happy Winter Friends plot was actually about Pumkin realizing his potential for the first time. Hab Da Pumkin was actually when he first came into existence and he's still pretty young, hence him seeming a bit more incredulous of his surroundings than the others.
    • That Guy and That Other Guy are in turn big fans of Baman and Piderman; they mimic them in appearance, and hang out in Piderman's basement, where they make a theme song that is almost a carbon copy of the original.
Tuba's Dad is plotting something sinister.
  • Baman had his finger in a thing, and Tuba's Dad was pretty shifty afterwards.
    • I have this theory that Tub's Dad is trying to create a clone of Baman, because something with Baman's anatomy (or lack, thereof) could be HORRIFYING. Dese Guys mays have been failed attempts at this (likely with some Piderman DNA mixed in as well), and so they were sent into the basement to guard the Pizza, but soon became friends with Baman and Piderman. Also, Tuba may be dating Baman so she can bring DNA samples to her father.
    • He's definitely up to something, and Dese Guys are involved, but the "sinister" part hasn't yet been confirmed.
The blue spot on Red Squib from when Baman was beating it with the Wish will detatch itself and become a blue Squib.
  • It will insist on following Baman and Tuba around like a small child.
Baman and Piderman are just two small boys in Halloween costumes
  • The adventures of Baman and Piderman are actually the games of two small boys, with over active imaginations, that refuse to take off their Halloween costumes, and the various neighborhood kids they rope into said game. The episodes are literal interpretations of their games.

  • The neighborhood kids include:
    • Tuba: A mute girl whose favorite food is peanut butter. Baman and Piderman gave her a toy horn so she could "communicate" with them because they don't know sign language.
    • Pumkin: A shy red haired boy that frequently get dragged into games against his will.
    • Squib: A kid that was once mean to Baman and Piderman, but started hanging around with them because he/she had a crush on Pumkin.
    • Dese Guys: Baman and Piderman's older brothers.
    • Wanda: A girl recently moved to the neighborhood. She tricked Baman and Piderman into believing she was a ghost.
  • The cookie-pie Dese Guys were making actually WAS a cookie-pie they were making for Baman and Piderman's sleepover. They just have an obsession with creepy things like blood. Once it becomes clear that they're kidding, they all enjoy the pie together.
  • The pizza is Piderman's/Baman's father. It's teleporting skill are just him driving the kids to the park to play and taking them home.
  • Dese Guys end up befriending Pumkin because it turns out that Pumkin likes the same things they do to. They just can't manage to rope Pumkin into doing things they like to do without borderline abducting him and holding him hostage at first.

As a slightly sadder alternative to the previous WMG, Baman and Piderman are small children in the same ward of a hospital
  • Baman and Piderman are two patients who are being allowed to wear their Halloween costumes pretty much all the time to make the experience easier on them. The adventures are the results of their playtime and life on the ward.
    • Pumkin is a particularly feeble, slightly older child who couldn't play with them while he was receiving treatment, but once he got a little better he started getting more involved with their playtime.
    • Tuba is... a tuba. She belongs to the doctor they don't like (Tuba's dad).
    • Squib is a kid about the same age as Pumkin who's sick of being sick and became a bit of a prankster to ease the isolation.
    • Red Squib is in the same situation as Squib but became more of a bully. Squib (and the staff) keep him/her in check.
    • Dese Guys are two kids who also love Batman and Spiderman but have slightly inferior costumes. The other kids think they're a bit creepy because they're also into ghost stories and bizarre tea parties.
    • Wanda is a new girl to the ward, recovering from an illness. She's a morbid prankster who's convinced the others that she's a ghost.
      • Alternately, the twist is that she really is a ghost, having died on the ward following unsuccessful treatment.

The new episodes will lead to a resurgence in popularity of Family Guy proportions
  • Well, maybe not that big, but certainly much more popular than they were beforehand.

Baman and Piderman are Eldritch Abominations (if benevolent ones).
Baman can separate parts of his body, gains psychic powers when he has pupils, and his head is shaped exactly like his mask. He also has a drawer in his chest. Meanwhile, Piderman can apparently produce webbing from his hands and absorb objects into his body, expelling them when needed. The thought bubbles that they create are also apparently alive and sentient, needing to be fed and cleaned occasionally. The mirror that shows people's skeletons also does not show normal skeletons for the two of them. Plus, their presence in the Pie Dimension apparently causes the walking trees to turn into squibs.