Fridge / Baman Piderman

Fridge Horror

  • Piderman somehow had people living in his basement, without knowing about it...
  • Pumkin's constant screaming after being carved means it probably hurt a lot. Likewise for slowly rotting to death.
  • Just whose blood did the Basement Monsters use for their cookie pie?
    • Baman and Piderman actually ate something that's recipe called for blood. Which was probably their own, giving how there's really no-one else around...
  • Baman wishes for Pumkin to be all better, at which point Pumkin grows a body. If being "all better" involves having a body, someone or something must have reduced him to a severed head before he was even introduced.
    • Well, it could be considered better.

Fridge Logic

  • Fridge Logic: In Hab Da Sleepover, just how did Piderman get that cookie pie in his mouth?
    • Pumkin drinking chocolate milk is another example of a mouthless character consuming things.