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Heartwarming: Baman Piderman
  • From the theme song itself: "We're best fweeeeends!"
  • The very ending of "Squib Week", in which we discover that Squib has only been annoying Pumkin for a week straight out of love.
  • The season 3 promo "I Feel A Feeling" is just a sweet as it is exciting.
  • Pumpkin lying on his bead thinking about how in love he is with Squib in "Drawing Song."
  • In "Frow Da Party", Squib destroys Pumkin's Feets' Day card, which upsets Piderman and angers Baman. Later on, we see Pumkin in the background lying on the floor, all the pieces of the card in front of him as he gazes down at it. Aww.
  • In "Weirdy Feeling", Piderman shows off a decoration Pumkin made for him - a little trinket with a gold bell hanging from a red heart which reads "You are special to me".
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