Heartwarming / Baman Piderman

  • From the theme song itself: "We're best fweeeeends!"
  • The very ending of "Squib Week", in which we discover that Squib has only been annoying Pumkin for a week straight out of love.
  • The season 3 promo "I Feel A Feeling" is just a sweet as it is exciting.
  • Pumpkin lying on his bead thinking about how in love he is with Squib in "Drawing Song."
  • In "Frow Da Party", Squib destroys Pumkin's Feets' Day card, which upsets Piderman and angers Baman. Later on, we see Pumkin in the background lying on the floor, all the pieces of the card in front of him as he gazes down at it. Aww.
  • In "Weirdy Feeling", Piderman shows off a decoration Pumkin made for him - a little trinket with a gold bell hanging from a red heart which reads "You are special to me". Even more adorably, he was so thrilled to get it, he excitedly called Baman over just to show it to him.
  • Compare Squib's relationship with the others in "Frow Da Party" to "Paint Da House". Squib went from ripping apart cards to gleefully helping the others try and cheer up Pizza.
    • The feeling is clearly mutual, since in "We Hab Da Problem", we see Piderman holding Squib back and expressing a great amount of worry for his friend. His Cooldown Hug fully underscores just how much the once terrifying Squib means to him. Squib even returns the hug after it calms down a little.
    Piderman: "No! Don't go! We gotta all stick together!"
  • Dese Guys are really adorable. Their scene in "We Hab Da Problem" when they come back from vacation and congratulate Red Squib on getting a body and dragging him away from the heroes is really cute too when they gush over each other.
    It's easy to be nice to you!
  • In "Make Da Cards", Pumkin admitting to feeling jealous of Piderman's friendship with Baman. Doubly heartwarming when Baman offers to let Pumkin wear his hat.