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Funny: Baman Piderman
  • Pumkin feeding Piderman's Baman thought bubbles before they go on The Journey.
    • When Piderman started getting worried when the "normal" Baman wasn't eating, Wanda thought up a Piderman bubble to feed him.
    Wanda: "Hmm... Better!"
  • Baman in Weirdy Feeling: both his brief existential crisis at the discovery of the aforementioned thought bubbles, and telling Piderman that "I am the mystery..."
  • Red Squib's random tantrum at the end of "Ghost Night" while sitting in the basement.
  • The short film that Dese Guys make in Drink Da Tee, complete with a random shot of them having a tea party while wearing dresses.
  • Any time that Baman performs impossible movements, especially when Red Squib pulls him in Play Da Song or when breaks apart and reassembles himself after oozing out of Piderman's chair in Frow Da Party.
  • Baman is being pulled apart by Red Squib. Red Squib grabs Tuba and brings her over to Baman.
    Baman: *blushing* Oh, hi Tuba...!
  • Dese Guys watching the concert with opera glasses.
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